The mirror in my room
The pencil on my table
I smell a scent some nice perfume
This was before I ran into peril

The knife that cleaved my skin
The miror that hurts my soul
The power that drains from within
My heart replaced with a black hole

I want to reform
I want to know my purpose
I want to transform
I want to leap out of this crisis

And sometimes I realise it's hard
Hard to find meaning in a world that turns round and round
Wether your bruised bleeding or scarred
This world keeps turning around

Round and round
Endlessly forever
Repeating each and every wound
Further in time slowly turning deeper

Just like how I run and run
Far away from all like a coward
I wish I was as proud as a lion
But I faltered

Descending for a place to fall upon to
Searching and searching
I've seen pyramids and now I see a igloo
It all looks charming

But my place I've never found