She’s conected together by her will power,
A vast blue world fulled with wonder and excitement.
As you slowley stride in, remember that you are a visiter in her humble abode,
Never disrupt her current, Crease her seabeds or disturd her inmatesm.
She will attack
She is. . . The diva

On her good days, She’s calm, quiet nad peacefull.
Resting, slowley tacking in what peace really meanS,
But often she’s angry, violent.
She will rise to any occasion to protect herself,
Clawing and crawling so quikley it seems impossible,
She will destory and tear oyur houses just as you have done hers,
She will pull your chirldren in just as you have done hers.
She is. . . The diva

Don’t get caught in her whirlpool,
You will hear nothing but the crashing of the waves against your back,
Feel nothing but the slaps she lays across your face and think nothing but the way you will die.
She is enraged , she is. . . The diva

As she moves so quikley back, back to her home her chirldren,
She regains control and rests for a while.
The raging waters and the howling winds come together to sing the song of the ocean.
The diva, a vast ocean, blue and creative in many ways.
The queen of our world demanding power and authority,
She leads the natural currents of this worldm, she is. . . The diva
So I stand on the seabed,
The soft tickle of the sand brushing across my toes,
The coo water lightly breaking against my legs.
As I smell the salty sea breeze i am reminded who this beautious goddess is,
She is. . . The diva

Hope you guys like it!!