Prolouge: The Wedding, 1965

I sighed as my mother tied my obi sash. She always told me its for the good of the company, that I wouldn't regret this. That was one big lie, I knew it. How can this be something I wouldnt regret? Mother looked at me sweetly and hugged me tightly. She escorted me to my "husband," Kenji, of whom was picked from a handful of bachelors. Ah, yes, Kenji...Oh how can words describe Kenji? Oh, right, someone who can only care about himself, a lowly selfish bastard. All he wants is control over everything he knows. I dont know if I can take this.

Father watched me from the first row of attendies. He smiled a little bit trying to encourage me. I wish he could smile more just on this day. The wedding began as scheduled until a noise penetrated the peaceful sound of the wedding. A man stood with cold metal in his hand and pointed it at Kenji. I didnt realize what that cold metal was. A pellet on the small side came out of the sight of the cold metal. The sound burst near me and then a loud thump came. Kenji was on the floor, in a now lengthening puddle of himself. I went down to his side and held his hand as he reached out to me. A bloody hand touched my cheek and I was given a sudden epiphany. Kenji wasnt as bad as he acted deep down. I cried and kissed his lips as his body turned cold. I stood up in my bloody white kimono and looked at the chaos around me. They were murdering everyone but us, but my family.

I closed my eyes and went back a little bit trying to remember what led to this.

Chapter 1: 1945

"Hey, Aki. What can your father do? Nothing he's not here!" The kids surrounding me said. I did my best to cover my face from my daily beating. "Alright kids thats enough!" Nakamura-sensei said, bringing the kids to a stop. They left me there, hurt and wet from the rain puddle I was in. "Im so sorry, Aki-chan. Let me h-." I interrupted his speech and dug my face in his stomach, crying.

Nakamura-sensei pet my hair that was wet with dirty water. He held my hand and walked me into his classroom. He closed the door and locked it. Carefully, he took care of my wounds and dried me off. I wiped my tears and walked into the supply closet. I changed into the extra kimono left for me and then walked out. "Arigatou, Nakamura-sensei." I said, bowing formally. "You're welcome, remember those kids are just jealous." He said, messing up my hair.

I ran out of his classroom to find Nobu waiting for me. At 11, I had only one best friend. His family was also the head of a company. He was special to me in my heart. He was a man I dreamed to marry someday. "Who did this to you, Aki?" He asked putting a hand through my long brunette hair. "Everyone, Nobu. They dont like me." I replied putting a hand over his. He touched my cheek and then pulled me into an embrace. His black hair was on the long side and it drooped over mine. "Im sorry, I wasnt there to protect you." He said, his voice breaking. My pale green eyes looked up to see his dark blue eyes shining from tears.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek thinking he would cheer up. "Crying wont help Nobu. Just try to be happy!" I said smiling. Nobu grinned a little bit and gave me a squeeze on the shoulder. We held hands and walked outside as the last bell rang. I thought days would be better if I was with Nobu forever. How wrong was I?