A/N: This poem is about how Heroes and Heroines like to save their loved ones, whether they are family or friends. Although, I have to say, I always had an eye on Ichigo, Naruto, Luffy, Yusuke, Inuyasha, and Edward being the main Heroes I had in mind for this piece.

But, here's a glass to all those crazy boys and girls, who would do anything for someone!

~I hope you enjoy it!

Without and Protect

Without my sword,
Without my weapons,
Without my fists,
Without my arms,
Without my feet,
Without my legs,
Without my teeth,
Without my words,

I will protect you,
I will save you,
I will not fall,
But rise for…


Even if you,
Kick me,
Scream at me,
Bite me,
Curse at me,
Scratch me,
Fight me.

I will protect you,
I will save you,
I will not let you fall,
But make you rise…


You are my Nakama,
You are my Savior,
You are my Everything,
You are the reason,
I am the hero of this story,
And I will protect you.

Without my own soul…

I will make sure you live.