I wake up and realize it was just yesterday
Tomorrow is so dim I try to live back time for my sake
The gentle touch and softest kiss you radiate
Surely you had felt the same remarks every take
Its been years in my mind ive seen your face
I walk through the dimmest hallways of everyday
4 months and 5 days you went away
Sometimes i regret and questions why there were no effort to make you stay
It seem it always the same
Tears fall, rain crash
But all in life I finally see is worthless at last
Why did I fall so hard and never broke a bone
I understood why people say sticks and stones
That person I see in the mirror I lost its connection
I didnt know why I also felt I lost protection
I hate to admit I finally see it
So far yet so close I can feel it
Every sip made me lose control
You just tried to help but I just made it fall
But as these memories trail along
I noticed the mistakes ive done
You crashed and bled every tear every night
I didnt see what was happening before my eyes
Then that day you left, I went insane
Every color went away
And everything was so lame
And as I walk up to the stand and say my name
I say "Hi everyone, my name is Elaine"