This is more of a short story then a peom, but I hope you enjoy it!!!!

He sits and waits, wonderin if she would ever know exactly how much she means to him, hoping that one day she will come to realize how deeply he cares for her. he lays in the bed at night trying to silences the cries of his heart for this girl, but it continues nonstop till it barely eats him alive, yet he deals with it every day that she is not with him and by his side, with his arms wrapped around her tightly as if he knew they were ment to be, but he didnt realze that he had falling asleep and had awaken to reality to find himself holdin his pillow tightly as if it was her in his arms. The guy and this girl and good friends and telling each other almost everything, but what she doesn't know is that his desire to to have her by his side forever and always..