Hey guys, thought I would contribute to the great stories around here with one of my own. I've never been the short story kind of guy, but I thought this one turned out ok. Let me know what you guys think.


The door swung shut behind the man as he left his house. It creaked and moaned as it closed, wailing against the hinges flinging it backwards. The man didnít look back at it. Three steps later he was on the front sidewalk.

It was another cool day. One of those days where it was hard to decide whether to wear a coat or not. Seemed like all of spring was that way this year, much like last year and the year before that. Some things never change.

His feet hit the cool concrete lightly, barely touching the hard grey before they were lifted up again. It was as if he danced with each step he took, taking part in a tango with himself. Step by step by step the man waltzed on. He was in no rush. He readjusted the backpack on his left shoulder, the only burden he had.

The blue sky welcomed the arrival of the man. It smiled down upon its guest, happy to have another under its domain. The sun hid behind some nearby puffy clouds. It was shy today, but maybe it would show itself later. The man smiled looking up at the bright blue skies, it truly was a great day.

Off in the distance, sirens screeched over the lands. Their noise flooded over the landscape like a foamy wave over a jagged reef. The man paid no heed to the sirens; they were always tested on Tuesday. Slowly, he kept walking. He took a right and walked down the sidewalk of a major street. The sirens in the distance were becoming a bit of a nuisance. The man much preferred the sweet hum of the insects and chirp of birds. He tuned out the static shrills and hummed with the notes of a nearby Blue Jay.

The man saw a briefcase lying on the side of the road. Some poor soul must have dropped it by accident. He examined the briefcase as he went by. It was bruised and dented beyond recognition. He shook his head, shame to see such a nice briefcase destroyed like that. But the man kept walking and forgot about the discarded piece of leather.

A woman bumped into the man. Her hair was frazzled and tangled. She looked a mess. The man wondered if she had just gotten out of bed, if she hadnít the time in the morning to fix herself up. Her face was contorted in the oddest way; maybe she realized she had forgot her usual routine. It was a routine she followed religiously. Every morning she would wake up, take a shower, comb her hair, put on make up, and get dressed. The man felt sorry for her now as she kept running down the sidewalk with her arms flailing. She must be so embarrassed. But the man kept walking.

A car had just crashed into a nearby tree. Fire crawled over the passengers and waving tree limbs. The man watched the fire climb the height of the tree to survey the land. There was nothing he could do for the burnt people inside. He dodged a fallen branch and walked past the playful fire. He didnít feel the need to pick up his pace, he had plenty of time. So the man kept walking.

The man looked over the expressway. Puffy white, grey, and black smoke mixed together as they rose over the crowded road. The mingling cloud waved at the man as it floated upwards until it finally rejoined with the sky. Car after car lay intermingled. Fire played over the mash of metal and rubber. The man watched all of this with interest. But still he kept walking.

He looked down at his digital watch. Friday April 5th 2:03pm. He had plenty of time. As the manís right foot hit the pavement, he stopped.

Standing still he looked up at the blue sky above him. It was a nice day. The sun had finally decided to peek out from its hiding spot. But this didnít last long. The sun soon disappeared. The man turned around and faced the opposite direction. People ran every direction, away from burning cars and homes, sometimes towards them, and sometimes even bumping into each other. How silly.

The man looked out over the horizon. It looked good. He lifted his arms straight out as if waiting for something to give him a big hug. A wide grin appeared on his face. He lifted his head up towards the horizon. The wave of darkness fell over the land with a tremendous force, consuming everything in its path. And the man smiled all the more as the tidal wave of black swallowed him whole.