He was the perfect person in her eyes
He loved her
He cared for her
He was protective of her
Where did this perfect person come from

Someone that she had always dreamed of
She had never been in love before
Never experiencing what true love is
Not until she met him, that is

She hasn't been happy in a long time
She felt alone, sad, and unappreciated
But once he stepped into her life
She felt, loved, happiness and appreciated

The girl and the boy were in love
She couldn't be any happier
This was a dream she never wanted to wake up from
She finally found her one
Her true love, the one she has been searching for

Happiness, laughter, loving words
She found it and when she fell she fell hard
She really loved him

Then it began, the happy dream world that she was living in...-
It turned upside down
The happiness turned into sadness
Then the break-ups began

Is this how love is suppose to feel?
She once heard; love hurts
But if you're in love...it isn't suppose to hurt...

Crying night after night
She knew the one she loved would soon leave for good
She didn't want that to happen
She wanted to hold him close and never let go
But he was slipping and he was slipping fast...

The time was closing, her dream world was turning into her reality
She lost him once again
But for good this time

What is this feeling...?
It's the feeling of pain...
Something she never wanted to feel
But this is love...and sometimes when dealing with love you deal with the heartbreak
And the pain

Her dream world that was once filled with happiness
Is now her reality which is filled in nothing but sadness.