Lost Mind
“Hurry up!” Robert hollered. “They’re coming, we need to prepare!”

“I’m coming.” I mutter under my breath.

After two days of running, we finally made it to the highlands, tonight, we would settle it. The monsters are going to go down and our part of the mission would be complete, we will be freed from this war, and I could go home to my parents once again.

“Abigail, move it.” Robert says over his shoulder, panic in his voice.

Something grabs my ankle, Abigail and Robert’s eyes widen and one of them yells, but everything goes dark as the side of the hill meets my face.

Chapter One:
Who am I? I keep asking myself that one question, and still no answer. I just remember waking up in this place with this man standing over me, but I couldn’t see him very clearly. I see him walking around at times but I still haven’t seen his face nor do I know his name, I don‘t want to know either, it would ruin the mysterious feel he has around him.

Sneaking down the hallway, I run into Barceló, the butler looking person who always seemed to be around even when you didn’t want him to be.

“Shouldn’t you be resting up?”

“Barceló, I can’t be laying down for forever, I have to be able to get up and be able to work my muscles, and I’d rather explore this weird, old place.” I smile up at him, but he never grinned back, never did. He has brown hair that had gray peeking out, he is over six foot tall, and always stiff, but he looks very young.

“You really should listen to him, little lady.” The man says from the other stair well, his face hidden by the shadows.

I look down embarrassed. “Yeah, I know, but I would love to explore…”

His voice rises slightly, but not in a mean tone. “And you will have plenty of time to explore, but you should rest up first, if you can’t fully recover your strength then you’ll be resting a lot while walking around this old place.” He steps closer to the edge of the shadows and leans on the railing. “How about this, if you spend the rest of the week resting, I’ll come with you when you explore this place.” He let out a small laugh as though he found humor in what he had just said. My heart flutters, this man seems to have an effect on me that I can’t even control but something deep inside me keeps screaming avoid, easily to brush away.

I don’t know why but I feel as though the mystery here is what makes everything so wonderful and I don’t want that feeling to disappear. “Deal.” I smile and turn around, saying over my shoulder as I walk away. “And I’m holding you to that.” I turn the corner and hear them beginning to talk in small mumbles to each other; I freeze out of site to listen to them.

“I don’t think that is a good idea, sir.” Barceló says.

“Because of the rooms? They are locked, even I can’t get into them without the keys and you are the only one who has the keys to the rooms. Don’t worry; it isn’t like she can just take them from under your nose. You blame a woman who can’t even remember who she is on the hardest things to do, shame upon you, Barc.” I can hear him walking in the opposite direction. “I shall talk to you later, when the wolves howl in the air.”

I hustle down to the door on the right, opening it and closing it as softly behind me. The room is where I have been staying for the past three days. There is a bed that has five fluffy pillows upon it, all of different shades of green, and the bed covers a forest green. The dresser in the corner is a yellow color, leaves look like they are floating down it but in a pause mode, there are some cloths in there that seem to be my size but I know that they aren’t mine because they seem to catch my attention like the ones I woke up in. There is a mirror in the opposite corner of the bed, the wood that surrounds it seems to twist around it and make it look as if a tree is holding onto ice from a pond.

I walk over to the mirror and look at my forehead, even after a few days you’d think that a lump would go away but it hasn’t decreased in size nor is the bruising that is around it. The headache that I had is gone now and I feel so energetic but they seem to think I need more rest.

I walk over to the small window and look out where trees are crowded together. A group of people were walking towards the place and a howl of an animal made me shrink back, and I remember seeing a wolf before, not long ago, but nothing past that. Since I am a guest in their manor, I will have to stay in here until told other wise. I lie down on the bed and try to remember.