Some may not know but I'm a huge Yugioh 5D's fan and I've decided to launch my own story with rethinking and even developping the idea further. Notice that this story is not at all a rewrite of Kazuki Takahashi's original ideas for Yugioh 5D's but rather a vision of the future.

(and yes that came when I heard about the new movie involving Paradox's background, so yeah I love good ideas evolving into a new story)

(Warning, the person of the story teller may change every now and then.)

Well Enjoy!

Crossroads of fate

(by: Mysterious Johnson)

Chapter 1.

I dunno what really happened back then. Some say it was the fault of the governments that the whole world now lies in ruins. Some say it's only a matter of days until the entire world will fall apart. What a ripoff... I mean for some of us, life is only beginning. I hate it when the older people keep talking about how the world will end in a few days. No matter how many times I hear that I think I need to throw up!

The name's Yusei, Yusei Kessler. What a random name isn't it? Well we might aswell say that I'm the only one of my kind left. My parents died about 5 years ago, in some disease yet unknown to me. My brother Kalin disappeared after a raid of D-Raiders. So it's all a huge ripoff for me. The local tribe leaders, the Atlus family have raised me since I was 13 years olds... today, at the age of 18, I'm finally ready to step out into life and take my own actions, without having someone watching my every move... Freedom at last.

The last five years we spent as step brother and sister with the two Atlus kids, Jack and Akiza. I kinda liked them cause they were the only kids of my age, even though akiza is younger by a year, and Jack is older by one. Well still they always took me as a member of the family.

And as for where we are? Well some say that in the long past, about 200 years ago, a great city stood in the place of the huge desert we live in now. The small huts, surrounding the central, two story building, the Atlas residence, makes up the village where I was born. Some tempt to call it Domino... Dunno why. The surrounding desert is filled with dangers. Sand storms, 60 degrees of temperature and of course the D-Raiders. there's only one road that leads out of the village, and that is called route 56, somewhat an old Highway, but it leads nowhere anymore.

Oh yeah and the D-Raiders. Well those are bandits, who happen to be the richest people of these parts, they ride so called Duel runners and raid the villages for food and anything valuable. My brother Kalin tried to stand up to them, but he was defeated and carried away. I've never seen him again.


Date time is 2451, the small village of Domino is struggling under the fearsome winds of yet another sand storm. The small huts, made of whatever the inhabitants could find in the near are shaking from one direction to another, and only the big two story building in the middle of the village is stable and safe. All the villagers must be gathered inside, cause even with the loud, raging wind blowing, some human voices can be heard from inside.

Inside the building, about 60-70 people are standing or sitting in a big crowd. some are just keeping silent, and wait for the winds to stop, to be able to go out already, some are talking about the happenings of the week, while others, like a strange fuzzy old man, with long white beard and even longer snow white hair are sitting or lying in a corner and sleeping. The old man's clothes are pretty worn out, and he has no shoes, his left leg is already missing, and the right one is in pretty bad conditions too. They must have been either frozen or burned, and without suiting medical treatment, they slowly rot off the old man's body. Even so he seems peaceful, and quietly breathes while probably having nice dreams.

In the center of the room, surrounded by about ten other people a handsome tall, blonde haired man is standing, and talks to the people, who came to him to ask for his aid in very serious cases. but let's not think about some bureaucratic nonsense, bureaucracy is by long just a word in these places, and only the unity of people exists. One of the people surrounding him isn't actually from around, he came from the west and he was robbed by the D-Raiders.

Suddenly the back door of the room opened and a younger girl walked into the room. Her clothes were pretty worn off too, just like the other's, but her lively smile shined out of the ragginess. Her long red hair hung into her face, and only her strangely yellowish brown left eye was visible. She walked up to the people in the center, and tapped the young man'sa shoulder. The other turned around, and smiled with surprise, looking at his sister.

- "Jack!" - the young girl said to him, and she whispered the rest in her brother's ears. It was Akiza.
- "Alright, I'll be right there!" - Jack replied, and turned back to the others he was talking to about a minute ago.

As Akiza walked out of the room, she ran into another familiar face, another young man, about 180 tall, with bright blue eyes and fuzzy black hair with golden highlights.

- "Is Jack coming yet?" - the young man asked.
- "No, he's busy." - Akiza said. - "The people are taking all his time."
- "Damn it jack, that poor guy's gonna die on us here!"
- "don't worry Yusei!" - Akiza said, with a cheerful smile on her face. - "I'll go take him in my care, until then, you should try and help Jack out."

Yusei knodded and the two parted ways. Yusei opened the great door separating the house from the great hall, and walked right in. The right sleeve of his ragged jacket got stuck on the door knod, and another hole got torn into it. Yusei cursed it for a bit, but then he turned away and walked right up to Jack. He called him away for a second, and explained the situation to him in bigger details. Jack listened to him carefully, and knodded a few times, then he turned back to the people to make an announcement:

- "Alright people, counciling is over!" - he shouted, and he joined Yusei as they walkjed back into the house.

The house was huge, but empty, Jack and Akiza's parents died just a year before in the exact same disease as those of Yusei, but Jack and Akiza were there for eachother. On the second floor, in the great room, where Jack's parents had their bedroom, there was an about 16 year old young boy lying on the bed, with a very serious shoulder wound. noone knew what happened to him, he was just found outside the village after a sand storm and was taken into good care by Akiza, who did everything she could to save him. He was getting better after a few days, but this morning, his conditions got worse. As Jack checked over him, he had to realize, there was only one hope for him.

- "He needs medicine immediately, or he will die." - Jack announced.
- "But we can only find medicine among the old ruins along Route 56." - Akiza said with great fear in her voice. - "Who would be daring enough to go out there with all the D-Raiders and stuff out there to kill him?"
- "He's a D-Raider himself!" - Yusei added as he took a look at the strangely shaped helmet, they found the oung boy wearing when they found him. - "This looks like one of those helmets the D-Raiders used to wear."
- "Where's his Duel Runner then?" - Jack asked. - "We haven't seen it anywhere"
- "What if he lost it?" - Akiza asked. - "he may have crashed in the storm and got lost from his Duel runner."

Yusei and Jack looked at eachother. They both knew that was possible, and they decided to take a look at it themselves. Akiza stayed with the wounded as they walked out of the building. The storm stopped and the winds got a lot lighter. the sand cloud that was covering the entire village slowly settled down, and as Jack and Yusei walked out of the house, the sunshine greeted them, that was twinkling through the clouds. After 5 months of Dry heat, there was finally some rain coming, which only happened twice a year. The wind tore into both of their hair, and a small smile appeared on Yusei's face. As they wanted to take off to investigate the case of the possible lost duel runner, the old man, who was sleeping in the hall came following them and suddenly called out to them.

- "Wait young men! Wait!" - he called. - "I heard you talking about a Duel runner you were looking for."
- "And what if so?" - Jack asked as he turned back. - "I doubt you could come with us old man!"
- "Oh, I'm not willing to come with you, no-no-no" - the old man said as he shook his head making his hair and beard swing like wings in the wind. - "I just wanted to tell you, that I may have found what you're looking for!"

Yusei and Jack looked at the strange old man in a slight surprise. They knew well, he used to go out into the wild, over the village limits, but they've never thought he'd go far enough to find the Duel runner. The old man was about a 100 years old, and had serious problems with walking on one foot, and crippling around with a crutch. The two never imagined an old man like him to make such big walks alone. They both agreed to join the old man to his hut, and take a look at the Duel runner. As they arrived, the old man opened the door and led them in, there he opened a trap door and led them down into a cellar, where he made light with and old lamp and pointed around with it to show them what he was hiding there.

Yusei and Jack couldn't say a word. There wasn't only one Duel runner, but four for starters. 'The old man may have been a collector', they thought. Four Duel runners, but which one was the one. Yusei took another close look at the helmet, to see which one of the four Duel runners may be the right one. The helmet was very fantaifully designed, it was a basic open helmet, with triangular visor, only reaching until the nose of the wearer, on the sides it had slids, that looked like wings of a bird. As Yusei took a closer look at it, he could see a name or nickname written on it: "Blackbird". As he took a look around, he spotted the one duel runner that had the exact same colors, and design as the helmet. The second one from him had green and orange colors and retractable wings, and it had "Blackbird" writteb on it too.

- "I think we found what we've been looking for." - Yusei called out to Jack.
- "Looks to be in pretty bad shape." - Jack said as he took a look at the Duel runner, which had some parts torn off, but the old man collected those too, and seemed to have started reconstructing it.

Yusei knodded, and stood up from the Duel runner to take a look at the others. They were all in very good conditions, fresh painted, kept in very good shape, probably still functional. One he especially liked was a red and white one that stood in the corner of the small room, right next to a door that led to a locked room. It had a strange design, as it's chasis formed a moon Crescent and leaned towards the pilot's head. Probably it's last owner made it not only useful, but comfortable too. Yusei leaned down to take a closer look at it, but as he did that, a deck of Duel Monster cards dropped out of the pocket on his ragged jacket. The cards were pretty worn off, but they were clean and well kept in good shape. Yusei took good care of them. The old man walked up to him and picked the cards up.

- "You dropped this young man!" - he said as he handed the cards to their owner. - "You keep these cards as a treasure as I see."
- "Yes" - Yusei replied smiling. - "I've found them in a case in my parents' house, I've been keeping good care of them eversince."
- "That's nice of you." the old man knodded and his sad grey eyes started shining again of happiness. - "I used to be like you when I was your age, treasured everything I had."

Yusei didn't answer, he just kept looking at the Duel runner and couldn't take his eyes off it. The old man smiled under his thick beard, and tapped his shoulder with a friendly touch.

- "You like it?" - he asked shortly.
- "Yeah" - Yusei replied, but didn't look up. - "It's simply amazing."
- "What if I told you, you could keep it, if you want?" - the old man said smiling again.

Yusei suddenly looked up, and his eyes were full of happiness and thankfulness. He stood up and looked at the old man, who just kept smiling, andbefore Yusei could say a word he knodded, signifying, that what he just said was meant seriously. Of course the same was applied to Jack, who chose a very radically styled Duel runner, that had no wheels, but it was a wheel itself, and it's outer circle spinned like a wheel and made it move forwards. it had jet boosters on the back and a stabilizing nose section, that kept the Duel runner from spinning around as one, stabilizing the cockpit.

- "Very well then!" - the old man said and turned to Jack. - "You should bring your sister here, I think I have something for her too!"
- "What would it be?" - Jack asked.

The old man didn't answer, he just took an old key out of his pocket and opened the locked door on the left wall of the room, and as he made light inside the smaller room, Yusei and Jack stood stunned to see all kinds of clothing, starting from women's to men's elegant, to riding suits, including helmets, passing with the colors of the Duel runners. Jack and Yusei quickly chose a couple of clothes for their size, and a pair of shoes to it, since theirs were pretty worn off, and they chose a couple of Riding suits to their size, and color matching those of their new Duel runners. Jack chose a very exclusive looking dress for Akiza and they both wanted to say goodbye to the old man, but instead of letting them out, the old man opened some hidden garage door that lead outside the garagelike room and Jack and Yusei could ride their ways out of the old house. Yusei dropped his deck again as he changed clothes, so the old man brought it to him. They both thanked him again, and rid along into the sunset, back to the village center.

- "Good luck youngster's!" - the old man mumbled as he waved goodbye. - Hope you have luck in your quest for aid!

He took a look at his left hand, in which he was holding a deck of cards. As he flipped it around it turned out to be Yusei's deck, and he seemed to have switched it to another one.


Well to be continued, let's see what you say to it!

And yes, the names are not at all a coincidence, you'll see later on!