Today a memory popped in to my head of an anime that I saw maybe five or six years ago, one that I really enjoyed at the time. I don't know anything about it, or even what it's called. The only thing I can remember is a scene or two. I think the only helpful thing I can provide is the vivid picture of a light-sword that was popular among the characters, and of a glass computer-like surface that floated in the air in front of some woman. I know this is super vague, but I'm hoping that these visuals will make someone who knows the show to recognize it and tell me the name.

This light sword is something that a couple characters have, and I guess are not limited to one color (all I remember is green and orange). A ball of light appears in their hand, they squeeze it with a fist, and then a small ball appears above their thumb and index finger, and the sword continues out from that.

I'm sorry if this is too vague, but I'm just hoping that someone will recognize it.

Thanks a whole lot to anyone who takes that time to try to help me out.