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Thread: Til Death Do Us Part

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    Default Til Death Do Us Part

    Leazah sat in the carriage silently, but not like the others. The others had a sad, solemn atmosphere around them whilst Leazah still had some dignity in hers. She crossed her arms, a snobby look on her face. I'm proud! I was the one they chose to bewed those .. those .. cretin. That means they know I'll survive this! That I may somehow control m-my .. my .. partner. I can do this! I know I can.. She looked at the others around her, their heads hung low. "C'mon, girls! We can do this! We were chosen out of all the girls in Heaven! Keep your spirits high, sadness will only entertain them," she said triumphantly, as if she were talking to a group of angels about to go to war. Actually, it was very much like going to war. They were going to join the demons in holy matrimony!

    When the carriage stopped, Leazah was the first to get out, wanting to pick at least a good-looking mate. She surveyed the crowd in front of them, and her mood lightened. At least none of them are ugly. She grimaced when the leader of the devils descended, giving his own little speech before picking an angel and leaving. "Good luck," she whispered to the angel, watching as she left. A sigh escaped her lips and she saw all the evil looks the demons were expressing. Leazah looked back at all the other angels who looked hesitant and reluctant. Come on! Does no-one except me have some courage? She straightened her posture and decided if the demons weren't coming forward, she might as well go ahead.

    A guy with white hair and a sort of mist coming off of him caught her eye. She walked toward him and ignored the gasps and surprised faces from both crowds and she finally stopped in front of the boy. "Since demons have to be the one picking, I guess I'll just have to introduce myself and you tell me whether you want me or not. I'm Leazah, don't go forgetting it," she said, her hands positioning themselves on her hips.
    Gordian was lounging on a short barrier against a wall watching the others when Kai walked past toward the carriage . Kai Tyeson James, if he's involved this must be important to the big man. He smiled. And if I'm involved he must not want to to go smoothly.. I think I like the redhead.

    Gordian's things were already in his room. He never got an assignment by disembodied voice, it was always delivered by a born-demon. Probably someone's idea of playing his own games with him. That never bothered him, it gave opportunity for questions.

    And speaking of questions, that redhead was approaching him directly. Feisty! he chuckled. Gordian swung his feet back onto the ground. She was already so close he reached her in one step; she didn't flinch. Good. Looking into her eyes, well practiced at keeping a straight face, Gordian leaned toward her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, and before he pulled away he softly told her, "I choose you, Leazah."
    She froze as he kissed her, a strange jolt coursing through her body. "I choose you, Leazah." Her fingers wandered to her lips for a split second before she quickly lowered them and said, "G-Good." and looked the other way, a faint blush on her cheeks. "Don't do that again, or I might actually do something next time," she said, denying the probability of her liking it.

    She regained her composure and looked the demon in the eye. "Your name?" she asked. Leazah suddenly realised she was cold; she could feel the goosebumps on her arms. Strange. It is cold. She moved a bit closer to the demon, thinking he may be the cause of the coldness. She was right. She looked over him again. His clothes were white, just like his hair. He looked like he was half solid, half gas.

    Curious as to how cold he was, she touched his face. It felt like sticking her hand in a fridge. She took back her hand and said, "I should go unpack.." She smiled at him before leaving to her room. It was not a genuine smile, not like the ones she usually smiled. It was a smile that could quickly turn into a scowl or a grimace. It was a fragile smile.
    Gordian allowed himself a wicked smile when she looked the other way. Wish that confidence of yours goodbye, you'll probably never see it again

    He said aloud, "I sure hope you do." and let her see his smile this time, then looked past her towards the house, taking his time. She startled him by stepping close to him again and he looked back into her eyes, trying to read them. Is she already-- She touched his face. --no, she's just curious about the cold. He let it pass. "My name is Gordian." He said to her back as she walked away. She was very beautiful; it made him wonder how long they would be allowed to keep their separate rooms. I'll be looking forward to the day they take them away.
    Gordian turned back to the others. Leazah's unpacking meant time to get to know the others. He'd seen Kai before. Never met, but seen. He knew something about him, but he didn't have any idea who the others were. A very shy looking angel with dark brown, maybe black hair and matching eyes (Jia) walked in late, so he strolled up to her.

    "You look frightened. Quite a bit seems wrong with this doesn't it?" He gave her a pitying look.
    Jia was startled by a voice and a pair of shoes that came into eyesight. She looked up quickly to see who the speaker was and was confronted by boy with white hair. "I'm not frightened, why would you think that?" She said meekly as she looked back down at her feet again, her voice soft. She knew why someone would think she was frightened, she was quiet and stared at her feet most of the time. She didn't like talking to much, she was a quiet girl and it seemed as if every time she spoke, her voice sounded strange to her. She didn't understand why she had to be here either, she had never done anything wrong so why would God punish her like this. She didn't want to talk to any demon, let alone marry one, she knew the lies they told she wasn't stupid.
    As Leazah unpacked her things, she thought a lot. She didn't know Gordian very well yet, but perhaps once they spend more time together, she could tell whether he was too unruly for her to handle. So far, he seemed quite sensible and straight-forward and maybe even attractive. She glanced back at the hand she used to touch his face. It still felt tingly from the cold.

    Leazah didn't bring many things; she didn't have many possessions anyway. Unlike other angels who lived happily and peacefully with their parents, Leazah had none. She was not born an angel but was selected in Heaven to become one. She had no parents in her human years either. She sat on her bed, staring at her hands. Why was she chosen as an angel? She had enough motive to become a demon but instead she did not lash out her anger and made it into Heaven.

    The red-headed angel got up and out the door to see her 'fiancée'. She saw the angels that weren't picked yet, standing awkwardly. "Honestly!" she muttered under her breath. "Cheating on me already? Couldn't you have waited til we got married?" she asked sarcastically.
    "Did I offend?" Gordian chuckled. Acting too nice was a mistake too. "You're standing practically up the wall and not looking at anyone, is all." He looked around the room again, not sure how long it would take Leazah to unpack. Not sure what they would do once she was done. Elope? Doubtful.

    Gordian shrugged internally. Plenty of time to make an impression. He turned back to the quiet angel next to him, who was staring at her feet again. "If you keep doing that you're going to be scooped up by some dominating angel abuser. Make eye contact." He took her lower jaw in his hand, firmly, but far from roughly, and made her look into his eyes. "Awful, but better than staring at your feet. You can't appear to be shying into the corner either." He continued as he slipped a hand behind her back and nudged her toward the demons. The timing was perfect. The position of Gordian's hand arched the angels back, exhibiting her, well, her more than desirable features and brought a bit of color to her cheeks just as the horned lust demon (they just have a look about them) let his gaze cross her. The demon's eyes scanned up and down more than once. This IS going to be fun.

    In the meantime, Gordian caught sight of Leazah returning and decided that would have to be enough. The young angel was probably starting to get angry now anyways, much more and he'd lose any chance of her thinking he was being helpful. As of yet, all that advice was good advice, anyways. He let his hand fall back to his side. "That's better, now just--" And Leazah interrupted him with her sarcastic comment.

    "Heavens no, Sweetheart, we were only talking." Gordian gave his wife-to-be a giant grin. "Unpacked already? You must travel light. Move often?" He asked, drifting to her other side, away from Jia.
    "Oh no, I just couldn't wait to see you again," she mused, the sarcasm not wearing off yet although there was a bit of truth in her words. She crossed her arms again and asked, "Are we supposed to be going somewhere? I see some 'couples' going into a building." She smirked and looked at all the angels that were being chosen. They didn't look as confident as she, that was for sure. Still, Leazah was glad Gordian had accepted and that the horned demon who was giving her disgusting looks hadn't picked her.

    "Uh, thank you for picking me, I guess," she said, feeling a little awkward. She looked at him again, trying to read his thoughts. He was a demon so there was no doubt some sort of wrong reason he had picked her.
    Gordian nodded to Jia as she left, then turned back to Leazah. He laughed at the tinge in her voice when she said "couples". It was funny. Then she thanked him for picking her. Boy was that a pleasant surprise. Angels are so naive. She ended it noncommittally, but she looked sincere. The smile Gordian gave her was as sincere too, he was enjoying this. She seemed to be happy with it too. In all honesty, he picked her because he had a thing for cute girls with red hair and the prospect of breaking that confidence of hers made him giddy. How could a demon not love this job?

    "Prince Kai is probably going to give us a speech. I suppose we should hear it." he told her, then put his arm over her shoulder and guided her forward.
    "Getting too comfy, aren't we?" she said, the annoyance she felt seeping into her voice. She let an electric current course through her, zapping whatever was touching her. Lucky for the demon she only let it feel like a fairly average zap. She could've electrocuted him if she wanted. "No, actually, let's go back home. Whatever your Princey wants to say to us can wait. I'm tired." She turned both of them the other way where their house was.

    Leazah opened the door and didn't wait to see if Gordian was going to come in as well. She walked into a room and fell onto a bed. It was nice and comfy, like she was sinking into the furniture. She turned her head to the right and looked at all the things that were on the dresser. Wait a minute.. Hey! This isn't my room!
    A shock went through Gordian and surprised him. He'd know there were angels out there that could use electricity as a weapon, but for some reason or another he had always pictured them having bright yellow or blue hair. That Leazah could do it was going to make things more difficult, or in other words, more entertaining. He didn't flinch though. In fact he gave no outward display of having noticed, but instead left his arm over her shoulder for another two or three seconds before sliding his hand down the length of her arm before letting it fall to his own side, as if for no reason at all.

    Of course they both knew he felt it. The whole thing was just a display of arrogance; he was a demon after all, arrogance came with the territory. For Gordian though, it was an act. He was arrogant and he knew he was arrogant, but he never felt the need to prove himself to others; it wouldn't change anything. This was just the character he was playing, a simple demon who. Simple demons tried to prove themselves. Some simple demons could fall in love. Gordian followed her in.

    Leazah either fell into his bed by mistake and just realized where she was or she was shocked to find a TV, clock and incense on a demon's dresser. Gordian walked up to the foot of the bed and looked down at her laying there. "You're sending mixed messages now." he laughed, "Submitting to my lustful demon desires already?"
    "What-? No!" She got up and her hands curled up into fists. Her expression was anger although she was embarrassed. She crossed her arms and said, "I'm going to take a shower. Don't peek or I swear I will really shock you." She walked out of the room and into the bathroom. While she organised her toiletries, she wondered whether demons bothered about their hygiene. Probably not.

    She made sure to lock the door after her before she removed her clothes. She stood in the shower as the water shot out of the showerhead. Gordian is so .. infuriating. He's taking everything away from me! My freedom, my life .. and even my first kiss. Grr! She let out an exhausted sigh. The mist from the hot water reminded her of Gordian. I wonder how he uses that mist power of his.

    Leazah opened her mouth and a heavenly voice came out. Not many would expect a rough one like her to display such a voice. She sang her heart out like she usually did whenever something was bothering her. It calmed and soothed her, like a mother's lullaby to a distressed baby. She finished feeling refreshed and decided to get dressed.

    She dressed in a bathrobe and came out to see what Gordian was doing. She was surprised he wasn't outside her door like she expected he would be.
    "There are those mixed signals again. If you don't want me to peek, you shouldn't offer sweet rewards." he cooed after her. Gordian was almost tempted to unlock the bathroom door and invite one of the other demons into the house. Leazah would undoubtedly shock the **** out of the first demon she found as soon as she noticed the lock. On the other hand, everyone had to have their hands full at the moment and getting another demon in here would be hard. In the end Gordian just laid down on his bed (it was a pretty nice bed) and ran things through his head.

    Seducing Leazah seemed to be going just about how he planned. As of the moment, she didn't trust him, or probably even like him, but she thought he was better than the others. She was grateful to be with him. A little gratitude could be stretched far in the right hands. And she was a virgin to boot, that much he could tell from the kiss. So if he could get her into bed, she would be his. It would take time, but once I make her love me, heh, once she loves me, then the fun games can begin.

    Gordian smiled at that as he lay there, excited about tearing this little community of theirs apart. A week, tops, he decided.

    He almost fell asleep. The thought of the games he could play for years to come mixed with Leazah's surprisingly soothing voice drifting into his room was quite calming. He was jolted back to reality by the sound of the bathroom door opening; a few seconds later, Leazah wandered into his room and he sat up. She had a bit of damp hair on her face and she hadn't been too careful with her robe so it was starting to come open at the top. Gordian couldn't help but stare; just for a moment. He was quick to catch himself and decided to roll with it. He scooted over on the bed to make room for her to sit and said, "Before you run off to do another errand, we should probably talk about a few things."
    "Talk?" she repeated, not trusting the way he had said it. He probably wants sex or something. Leazah herself had a few ideas about how to trick this demon into obedience. "If you want to talk, go ahead," she replied, still standing by his door. She caught his stare and couldn't help but smile slyly. Hmm .. okay, I'll play along with his game. She sat down on the bed, pretending to look interested in whatever he was saying.

    She took the towel that was drying her hair so that he could smell how good her hair smelt. "Oh, hold on, I need to loosen this robe.. It's so tight," she said innocently, loosening it so the top of her cleavage could be seen. As soon as Gordian's eyes lowered, she thought He's mine!
    Gordian had to turn his head. The line was just way too cheesy and he could hardly hold in a laugh. Angels really shouldn't attempt seduction, thats what demon girls were for. He decided to play it off as a bit of bashfulness and turned back to her. Her robe was still open, so he looked at his feet, as bashful as the junior high chess club president.

    There was the urge to just reach out and--no, that wouldn't be as fun in the long run. On the ball, Gordian! You're improving here because you never plan ahead! No time for daydreams! Gordian dry-washed his hands for another two seconds of stalling, then took a dramatic breath and began spewing absolute taco-day bullshit. "You act tough, but you don't want to be here." He paused, "I don't want to be here either. I hate angels. They're're all just so...pure!" He clenched his fists. "I've never seen anything so infuriating! And then they had the nerve to make me marry one!? To bed one!?"

    Still staring at his feet, Gordian paused for a few more seconds, taking time to breathe. When he continued, his voice was calm again. "The reason I chose you was because you almost acted..." he finally looked up, at her still open robe, "...human." and then looked her in the eyes with a pained expression of someone who was admitting something they really didn't want to. "I can live with human."

    It was a believable story, in his book. It explained why he picked her when she came up to him, why he kissed her, and even why he continued to hit on her. Of course this demon who hated the purity of angels would choose her under those circumstances; he'd seen something a little less than pure in her and had been working to dig it out ever since. It was a good story.
    Leazah wasn't buying it. She dropped her failed attempt at seduction and actually listened. Hmm .. he hates angels yet he doesn't mind socializing with them. Haha, nice try, she thought, remembering when Gordian was talking to that angel while she was unpacking. Hopefully, Leazah's acting skills weren't as bad as her flirting. She tightened her robe again, and dished out a sympathetic look, the one she wore when she was guarding the humans and they were spilling out their sob story.

    "I can live with human," Gordian finished. I doubt he can live without torturing, killing or sleeping with them though. She looked into his eyes and stroked his cheek gently and the concerned look she expressed was believable, surprisingly. Leazah took his hand in both of hers and said, "I .. I feel the same way." She looked down, and managed to look .. innocent.

    Hmm .. I have to make sure I'm right.
    She looked up at him from underneath her eyelashes and bit her lip. "I feel like you understand me already." If she was acting pure and innocent while he tried to kiss her, it would be enough proof. "Ever since I first saw you, I knew you were different. You're different .. so this is okay, right?" Leazah took his hand and placed it over where her heart is. She averted her gaze and blushed a little. Perfect!
    That wasn't right. The tone, the touch, the blush; it all seemed candid, but the reaction itself was wrong; nowhere near his expectations. Gordian couldn't tell if she was playing with him, misunderstanding some part of what he said, or if she was just loony. If she was sincere, or loony in other words, he could collar her, so to speak, right then and there, but if she wasn't he would be throwing away the advantage. His mind raced for a response, not sure whether to call her bluff, play alone, or stay in character. Your role. Just play your role. If she's not buying it, all you lose is a bit of respect. That's nothing compared to throwing the role away early.

    An angry look flashed across Gordian's face and he grabbed a wad of Leazah's robes with the hand already pressed to her chest. He stood up and threw her to the floor in the same motion yelling, "I'm not different! You are!" He stormed a few steps toward the door and spun around at her again. "Weren't you listening!? Are you insane!? You and I could never--!" he appeared to choke on the word. "God!" He finally roared and flung the door open. He didn't stop, just stormed out and slammed it behind him. The moment it closed, he let himself dissolve into a mist and disappears.
    Leazah was shocked. As he stormed out, she took on an angry look, this time her real feelings, electricity buzzing from her fingers. She ran after him to shout at him. "What the hell was that-" She flung open the door and saw the last bit of mist as he disappeared. Grr. What the hell was that anyway? I'm not buying any of it. I don't care. He's really done it now. She let out a frustrated "Argh!" before walking away in a huff.

    He's a demon! He's tricking me! It's so obvious, I don't need any proof! She walked out into the open. "Stupid f-" She let out some lightning, aiming for the sky. No doubt others would notice, and Leazah hoped Gordian saw that. She let it all out before falling to her knees, feeling weak. She panted heavily now that most of her energy was gone. Leazah felt exhausted.

    She fell to the ground in a heap, too tired to get to her room. I'm not playing along with any more games. Her eyelids fluttered aclose and she drifted off into sleep.
    Gordian pulled himself together on a rooftop down the street. It was far enough that Leazah shouldn't notice him, or here him, but he could watch He was laughing when he reformed. Laughing at himself and at the situation he just made. That outburst was a poor move; he could have easily thought of something better had he been given a few more seconds. But that was why it was funny. She had done something unexpected and he had had to kick his head into overdrive to find a way out. The rush was invigorating, and what he had ended up doing. Boy how that had to have sent her head spinning.

    He stopped laughing when Leazah came through the door, but laughed again at the at the bolt of lightning she sent into the sky. He laughed for two reasons this time: the first of which was because of her anger. The second, and more amusing, of which was because she could have killed him twice over with that amount of power.

    And then she hit the ground.

    Is she alright? He leaned forward, trying to see farther. It occurred to him how he might be punished if he was blamed for killing her. It wasn't a pleasant thought, so he rolled off the roof, shattering into a low fog when he hit the ground. He came back together standing next to her. Sleeping he sighed. At least he didn't have to worry about that.

    Gordian looked around; nobody else in sight. Just him and her, laying in the cold. She was still wet and wearing nothing but a robe. He sighed again and picked her up in his arms. She was rather light, and warm. And you've enjoyed every second you've spent with her. Because she is good entertainment, or course. You like entertainment. You live for entertainment. Gordain looked at her face. I also lose interest quickly.

    Once Leazah was tucked safely into her bed, Gordian went out. He knew people in Kuro: both angels and demons. Admittedly more of the latter than the former, but that's to be expected. It would be nice to speak to a few, drink with a few, and almost be killed by a few.
    Leazah woke in an hour or two, what with her regenerative abilities. She sat up and stared blankly at the floor for a moment before remembering how she had passed out. I'm in my room ..? Then it occured to her. Gordian! She slid back onto her own two feet and crossed her arms. Hmph! I'm not gonna fall for anything. Curious, she walked past his bedroom door with one eye closed. Typical.

    She wandered over to the kitchen and relaxed. "Ha~! It's nice to have the house to myself," she cried warmly, talking to nobody in particular. "What to make~? What to make~?" She hummed happily, taking out some bowls to make herself some lunch.
    Leazah had made her favourite; tempura prawns. She ate daintily with her chopsticks, savouring each bite. Many people thought she ate strangely since she ate things particularly so she could eat her favourite thing last. For example, with spring rolls, she would eat the top before eating the inside before eating the outside. It was a funny habit of hers.

    Her happy munching slowed to a stop and she gulped down hard. It sure is awfully quiet. Sighing she continued and thought about what she would do if Gordian happened to walk in.

    A zap would miss him by a hair, scorching the wall instead. She would act normally, as if nothing had happened. And when he caught what she was eating, he might have gone, "Ooh, tempura! I want some."

    Leazah wasn't satisfied with the response her mind came up with for Gordian, but she didn't know him very well yet. Despite this, she continued her daydream.

    Gordian would walk up to her and eat the tempura she had picked up with her chopsticks. "Get your own!" She would yell, frying him to a crisp.

    Laughing at her own fantasy, she hadn't realised how full she had gotten. Sighing (again), she left the rest of the food on the table. Maybe she would want to eat it later. After that, she cleaned up and went to explore the house they were given. It was a nice house, moderately sized and decorated. The colours were plain, not very bright but not very dark either. Leazah stumbled upon a piano in one room and decided to play.

    Her slender digits drifted over the smooth keys, a filling the whole room. Leazah got lost in the music, the brooding music confusing her perception of time. Leazah could have been playing for hours. Nonetheless, she continued.
    Gordian showed up back at the house with an arm slung over a demon woman in red satin. She was helping him walk. When they got to the door, he pulled himself away and turned to face her as he leaned against the door, effectively blocking her path.

    "What's this?" She asked, making a playful hurt face and stepping forward to press up against him. "you're not going to reward me for my good deed?" She slid a hand from his belt all the way up to caress his cheek. "I deserve at least one night." She hissed into his ear, flicking his earlobe with her tongue for good measure.

    "I'd love to," Gordian replied coolly, "but my wife waiting for me inside."

    The demon girl stepped back with a mocking look on her face. "Married? A demon like you? Hah! Don't toy with me, ghost boy," her voice cooled again, "or at least use some of my toys."

    Gordian's face stayed hard, "Go home, you're just not pretty enough."

    She stared at him, "I see how it is." The hand she still held on his face patted him once on the cheek, then she raked her claw-like nails down his face. "Next time then, Smokey, if I have to tie you up and gag you." She winked, and walked away.

    Gordian chuckled as she left, then turned around and went inside, wincing as he pulled himself up the last step. That angel really ****ed me up, he laughed at himself. Something smelled good, though. He spotted Leazah's leftovers and fell into the chair to eat.
    The angel heard some noises coming from outside. She ended the song gracefully before going to the window. She parted the curtains and peered down. It was Gordian and it seemed he brought along a lady friend. Shrugging, she decided to watch. Leazah was a bit surprised that they didn't go inside, or maybe he knew she would fry them both if she had caught them.

    Her stomach startled her by grumbling. I'm hungry again. She walked out of the room and into the dining room where she found Gordian eating her food. "Hey, those are mine!" She marched over and covered the plate with her arms. "Go get your own!" Hearing a loud whine coming from Gordian's stomach, her look softened. " .. Fine, I'll share. But don't eat my share!"

    She pulled up a chair and sat down, eating her food piece by piece, like she always did. Her lips curled into a smile as she ate. She ignored the demon who ate alongside her and once she was finished, she decided to pray. "Lass’t uns beten! Segne uns, o Herr, und diese deine Gaben, die wir von deiner Güte nun empfangen werden. Durch Christum, unseren Herr'n. Amen."
    Gordian didn't say anything when Leazah covered the food and then let him eat again, he just ate and kept quiet. He finished the last of the meal as Leazah finished her prayer. She didn't get up and leave when she was done, though, she seemed to be waiting on him. He was waiting for her to leave so she wouldn't see him hurt. Sigh, alright, it should at least be entertaining when she asks how I got hurt.

    Gordian levered himself onto his feet with obvious effort, then turned to Leazah. "If I compliment your cooking, will you help me to my room?"
    Leazah stayed in her seat for a few moments, staring blankly at him. "How did you get hurt?" she asked. It was probably no use asking. He would either lie or speak the truth; and in this case, the truth would probably set her off. Nonetheless, Leazah got up and put her arm around his waist while getting his arm to lie on her shoulder. The angel listened in silence as the demon spoke, his cool breath caressing her cheek.

    It felt good somehow. When they got to his room, she felt exhausted but not because of Gordian's weight. She could feel herself sweat as her face turned a bit red. "Why is it so hot in your room?" She coughed, tugging her collar. Leazah sat down on his bed before lying down and closing her eyes. Oh god. I think I have a fever.. That's what I get for sleeping outside with just a bathrobe.

    Her fingers wrapped around something cold. Ooh, it's cold. She put the cold thing over her forehead and managed to whisper, "Ooh, that feels nice." Her eyes suddenly opened and instantly dropped whatever she was holding when she realised it was Gordian's hand. "Ugh!" she muttered, like she was holding something immensely digusting.
    "I was beaten up by an angel." he laughed. "Mean bunch, those angels. Heh heh." She didn't respond, so he went on. "Although it was probably my fault. A perfect little angel could never do something like that without good reason." They were in his room now. "Maybe we could get a little rough sometime; how would you like that?" He winked.

    Leazah didn't answer, she just asked why it was so hot. "This is the coldest room in the house; are you alright?" She was flushed, now that he looked. Didn't even know angels could get sick. She coughed and lay down on his bed; Gordian was forced to sit next to her, as standing was painful. He let her put his hand on her forehead, "Um..." then laughed when she practically threw it aside. "Aren't you the vulnerable one." he smiled at her. "Hold on a second."

    Gordian grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door to close it, then reached into a bowl on his nightstand and grabbed a white, jellybean-sized stone. He dropped that into something that looked like a wooden birdbath, which immediately plumed with a thick fog. The fog filled the room in moments, rising to about a foot above the bed and rolling there, steadily. It wasn't a warm fog, but it felt like the softest of blankets. A blanket that first covered you, then soaked through your skin to blanket the next layer down, then the next and the next, soothing everything on it's way; making the body feel soft and at peace.

    "Just relax," Gordian said as he placed a pillow under Leazah's head and lay down next to her in the fog. "You'll be perfectly healthy again in no time at all."
    The angel did as he said and relaxed, breathing in and out deeply. As the mist made contact with her skin it soothed her every muscle, and the coolness was great. The mist was gone and Leazah had fallen asleep again. She turned to her side, facing Gordian. Her peaceful face was very angelic. Although her body was in slumber, her mind was fully awake. Thinking about mists, she recalled the mist in the bathroom when she was showering. It occurred to her that he may/may not have been peeking at her. Who wouldn't? It was a perfect cover.

    She slapped his face but she was still asleep. ..Wake up already. She tried opening her eyes but for some unknown reason, she couldn't. Like they were jammed shut. What's happening? Leazah's body got up, but not of her own accord. She opened her eyes and got up on top of Gordian, lust flickering in her eyes. She leaned down and licked his lips, before pressing her lips to his ear.

    "Remember me, Smokey?" she whispered, sneaking a hand up his shirt. "If I'm not pretty enough for you, maybe your wife will do."
    Gordian closed his eyes and relaxed as well; at least until a hand landed hard on his face. "Oww, what did I do to deserve OWWW!" he exclaimed a bit louder as she landed on his still sore body. "What the Hell do you think you're...." Gordian trailed off as she spoke into his ear. "Oh, I see how it is." A wicked smile spread across his face. "Well, you are my fiancée after all." And with that, he sat up quickly, forcing her to do the same. It hurt like hell to exert himself that way, but with a demoness in control of her body, it would be getting a lot more painful very soon. He grinned hungrily at the idea of that as the fog swirled rapidly around the two of them. What a surprising and glorious turn of events.

    Gordian threw his shirt aside to disappear into the fog and grabbed Leazah by the hair, drawing her back to him and into a vicious kiss. He bit her lip hard enough to make it bleed, then threw her down onto the bed and rolled atop her. He licked her lips this time, savoring the salty taste of her blood--so much better than demon blood or human--before pressing his lips to her ear in turn.

    "Better than a front row seat." He whispered as he slid his hand up to the knot in her robe and pulled it loose.
    Leazah's jaw clenched as the foggy demon whispered in her ear, her anger bursting at the seams. She started trembling as her fingers buzzed with electricity. The demoness pulled him to her, her nails dug deep into his back. It started out as a harsh, rough kiss but slowly turned into a slower, much more pleasurable kiss. Leazah pulled away and smiled an eerily false smile. She carressed his cheek, letting her hand stay there. Opening her eyes, she revealed the serene blue colour of her eyes, not the glowing red they had been before when the demoness was in control.

    "If you think I am that weak, you are sorely mistaken," she breathed, giving him one last kiss before electrocuting him into unconsciousness. His body fell limp and it fell on top of her. "Agh, a little help here?" The Demoness was in the corner, in her own body. She walked over and pushed his body so it lay beside Leazah. The angel got up and licked her lips, tasting the blood Gordian had caused to bleed. "Damn bastard."

    Leazah walked out of the room, letting the Demoness do whatever she wanted with Gordian. Leazah didn't care, that was for sure. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, watching as her lips healed themselves before she washed the blood off. She straightened out her hair and changed into some clothes - a turtleneck and some shorts. It was a little after sunset and it was getting dark but still, the angel walked out into the balcony and sat on a chair, her legs folded into her chest.
    Gordian knew what had happened as soon as the kiss turned soft and stared into Leazah's eyes as she spoke. He enjoyed that last kiss too, running his hand inside her robe to pull her body as close to his as he could. She had no experience kissing and was much more restrained than the demon, but he enjoyed her kiss much much more, because she that stubborn angel that she was and because of that uncertain way she moved her body against his: skin so soft and so warm. We'll have to finish this sometime very soon, he thought before his body stiffened and his eyes rolled back from the shock.

    Gordian woke up some time later. The healing fog was gone, but it had left him feeling quite well. Checking the clock he saw that it was two hours past midnight, but the fog had left him feeling fully rested. The time made him wonder what had happened to Leazah and the demoness. Well, the demoness he at least knew: she had carved the name of a club into his headboard. She would probably be there every night for most of the week waiting for him. And Leazah? All he could say was that she wouldn't be asleep; either hiding somewhere thinking or working somewhere trying not to think.

    Anyways, it wasn't important. Right now he just needed a shower. His clothes dissolved into mist as they hit the floor. When he got back out he pulled another pair of black pants and a white button shirt out of the steam. Bland, but they fit him well. Once dressed, Gordian started a stroll through the house.
    Leazah stared up at the sky, watching as the brightest stars started to twinkle away, each star appearing few by few depending on how bright they were. She thought a lot, mainly whether she could really go through this and what this would do to her. Truly, it was unbearable to with him. If she ever were to fall in love with him .. it would break her apart. Of course, it would never happen .. even if there was a slim possibility.

    Gordian seemed to like it more when she retaliated so perhaps the demon desired challenges. Leazah thought of how a proper holy marriage would be like and how the wife would act. If Gordian was like what she imagined to be the perfect husband, then she would act accordingly. Her thoughts drifted to why she was here and what she was doing. I'm doing this for the greater good.

    A light sigh escaped her lips and she got up to get inside. She saw Gordian walking around, undoubtedly exploring the house that was theirs. I musn't give him anything to break. If I do, I'm done for. She walked up to him and faced him, her face blank.
    "Sweetheart, you should be resting, it's late and you've had a rough night." Gordian kindly told his wife-to-be. "You must be tired." He turned and walked toward the door. "Oh, and if you'd like anything, I'm going shopping. I don't know if I'll be back before you wake or not."

    Leazah gazed at him softly, caressing his cheek as he spoke. The coolness he omitted no longer fazed her, in fact, she had grown somewhat fond of his cool presence. She just smiled at him once he finished speaking, replying in a flowing voice that she did not recognise as belonging to her, "I just want you back safely." She kissed him briefly before walking off. It hurts, but I can't give him anything. I can't. I must be a good wife. As God would want me to be.

    She reached her bedroom but she was not tired. She lay on her bed, studying the ceiling above her. Her eyes slowly closed, but she did not sleep. She merely rested her thoughts. When she woke up, it was just after sunrise and the first of the sun's rays filtered through her window, lighting up her room. Smile, guard your feelings. She got up and washed her face and sorted her hair out before walking into the kitchen, finding Gordian sitting on one of the stools.

    "Do you want some breakfast? What food do you like? Maybe pancakes?" she asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.
    Gordian was growing far too fond of those kisses. Maybe she was gaining a hold on him. Not that that mattered; he always enjoyed indulging his human side. Humans knew much subtler pleasures than demons. They were odd feelings, warmer than flesh...deeper....

    Gordian's thoughts shifted to matters at hand while he shopped. It was odd that in a city like this he couldn't find a single anti-shock charm. Not a belt, ring, medallion, not even static-proof socks. All he needed was something he could have around the house to pick up whenever he felt like pissing off his wife. Not being able to shock him would piss her off so much more. Damn this city!

    He ended up back at the house with simple groceries, including liqueur, some art for the house (mostly landscapes, many in dark shades), and a new book. When Leazah found him he had three books out and was focused on finding a curse or spell he could use against the angel that nearly killed him the night before. He really did deserve it, of course. After what he made her do three months ago he probably deserved much worse. And then when she tried to kill him just after he had beaten her to the brink of death and left her laying a a pool of her own shame and self loathing. All because it made him laugh. The memory actually made him laugh again. But last night when he went to check on her she had been carrying a weapon perfectly suited to kill him, and she had practiced using it. She was planning to hunt him down and kill him for what he did. Makes me feel all warm inside. Hah! My little mark on the world. Just meant that he was going to need to kill her first.

    Gordian jumped when a hand landed on his shoulder. Jesus! Speaking of angels that want me dead. "Oh, Honey, good morning. Pancakes would be wonderful, how did you know?" He said, standing up politely (even demons should know proper manners) and placing a kiss on her cheek before sitting back down.
    Her cheek tingled, and her cheeks flushed. Argh! Why am I blushing? She scrambled away, into the safety of the kitchen. You can't fall for him. You can't. She started making the batter, stirring it to a smooth consistency. Anyway, remember what he did to you last night? Anger bubbled up inside her but once she looked up at him, her look softened. Idiot .. She shook her head a few times, trying to concentrate on cooking.

    The pancakes were perfect, nice and fluffy like she always made them. She put everything on the table and sat down, saying, "Come eat, Gordian." She watched as he sat down, not moving. In one short, swift movement, she was behind him. Her inner lust was awakening. Her breath was uneven now, and her heart was thumping in her chest. She pressed her body into his back, brushing her lips down his neck. So .. tempting ..

    One action was all it took to steer the situation. If she continued to give in to this newfound lust she harboured, they would be on the floor, in a flurry of passion. Or, she could sit down and pretend nothing happened, and everything would return normal. Fortuantely, she chose the latter. Leazah sat down hastily, and looked up at him. "Something the matter?" she asked.
    Gordian smelled the pancakes long before they were done. The smell made it hard to concentrate, so by the time Leazah called for him, he was just sitting there waiting for her to say something. The moment she spoke, Gordian went straight to the table and sat down. They looked as good as they smelled, so he slapped some butter on, poured plenty of syrup out and dug right in, but forgot the first bite inches from his mouth. Leazah was pressed up against his back close enough that he could feel her rapid heartbeat. The hairs on the back of his neck rose as her lips brushed his skin. Oh you devil of an angel. Turning around and grabbing her would make an even better break from his work than the pancakes. He could have her up against that empty wall next to the window behind them.

    And then she was gone again. She sat down opposite him at the table and asked if something was the matter. Gordian finished putting that first bite of breakfast in his mouth and responded. "No, nothing. Life is good; almost as good as these pancakes." he smiled, "You really will make a good wife if you keep cooking like this."

    Gordian continued to eat peacefully, enjoying the meal. When it was almost gone he pondered out loud, "I wonder if we should say hello to our neighbors. I hear we'll be having a joint ceremony with the other angels and demons. Our beloved prince and myself are probably the only ones that know any of the details, it should be entertaining to break the news to everyone." He cocked his head at his wife-to-be, "So how about it?"
    Back to normal .. that's how she wanted things to be right? Yet, there was something inside her that wanted to caress his cool skin, kiss those delectable lips, touch that taunting body of his .. No, I want it like this .. I do ..! Gordian's voice took her out of her reverie and she found she hadn't started to eat yet. She put cream on her pancakes and chewed thoughtfully as she listened to his words.

    "Oh, sure," she replied, setting her hands down on the table. "Just finish up with that and I'll clean up. Then we can go." She ate carefully, savouring each bite as if this was going to be her last meal. After she was finished, she got up and gathered the dishes. Leazah couldn't help but stare at him, he was pretty handsome. Her breath felt hot. She put down the dishes in her hand and held his face to her lips. She licked his cheek slowly, but snapped out of it soon after.

    Blushing furiously, she stuttered, "Th-There was cream .. on your cheek.." Idiot! She quickly picked up the dishes and walked into the kitchen, proceeding to wash them. Once her thoughts had died down, she asked herself, Why does being so lustful seem so .. compelling? She cleaned up and changed into a new set of clothes; a pink summer dress.

    "All set to go?" she asked Gordian.
    Gordian let her take his face and lick his cheek. He grinned broadly when she blushed, then went to get ready. His clothes were fine; hair, good enough; smell? He grabbed some lavender scented water and mixed it with, well, himself, then went back out to the kitchen. "Should probably bring something....Ah, I know." He popped open the freezer and grabbed a bottle of rum. Some demon brew he'd tried once and rather liked.

    Gordian was waiting at the door then Leazah arrived, looking stunning. He held the door open for her and said, "Of course, after you." The moment she was past him he stepped up behind her. He couldn't help himself, and anyways, he needed to get back at her for a few minutes ago. Pulling her hair back out of the way, Gordian kissed her neck where it met her shoulder, then again a little higher, and final he kissed her jawline. "Sorry, you seem to have gotten cream everywhere too. Oh, I missed a dab." he finished, nipping her earlobe and rushing ahead of her before she could do anything. Being sweet like that was almost physically painful, but she was cute and it would pay off in the end, so it was well forth it and even a little fun.

    "You're coming in with me aren't you?" he called back, opening the door across the street and walking in without knocking. People would figure out why doors had locks eventually.

    "Get out!" a funny voice yelled at him. Gordian turned to look in the house he had walked into. Two impish things were standing in the hall glaring at him, one had a whip of fire trailing from a finger on each hand and was advancing into the foyer. Gordian hadn't noticed the evil intent filling the area until now.

    "Get out? But I just came in. My fiancée and I ju--" A whip of fire slashed through Gordian's midsection, splitting him in two. Both halves hit the floor as Gordian's tongue rolled out of his mouth and his eyes rolled back in his head. There wasn't any blood though, just rolling white fog spilling slowly from his wound and quiet, but for the sound of the bottle of rum rolling across the room.
    Leazah tensed when Gordian kissed her, paralyzed for the moment. She felt the goosebumps raise on her skin and there was the rush of adrenaline, making her very aware of every move he made. She shivered a bit when he stopped and was too rooted to the ground to do anything back at him. He went ahead and she let her hair fall back into place before realising her face felt funny. She touched it and her eyes widened when she realised she was smiling.

    What? I'm not happy. Why would I be happy? I should be trying to pound his face in for that. Blinking away her thoughts, she followed after Gordian to find two pieces of him on the floor, mist coming out of him. Instead of crying out and going after the demons that did this, she kneeled down beside him and said to herself, "Now, how does this work?"

    Thinking to herself, it didn't take her long to realise what he was doing. "Oh, haha, very funny. I don't think it would be very amusing for the people who live here to talk to two pieces of a corpse." She slashed through the body, wisps of fog trailing from her hand. She got up and walked through the hallway. "Hello? Anybody home? We found your pet midgets."

    The two imps advanced toward her but she encased them in a cage made out of electricity. "We are imps you damn Angel!" they shouted at her, spit spraying in every direction.
    "Well you're just no fun at all." Gordian whined as he dissolved into a rising fog. Turning solid already running toward Leazah, he grabbed a standing lamp on the way and swung it upward in front of her as the chains of fire flew forward through the cage. The chains caught and wrapped around the lamp, so when Gordian yanked the lamp back, it swept the imp off it's feet. It landed on its back in the cage, making Gordian laugh. At least until the lamp in his hand fell apart and he noticed the end dripping with molten metal. "Those are pretty hot. And I'm not paying for that. I was assaulted. You saw it!"

    One of the imps, still in the cage, said something vulger at this point, so Gordian, standing just in front of the cage, jabbed his hot, metal, poking-stick between the bolts of electricity at the imp still on its feet. It deftly dodged backwards, into the other side of the cage, as it were. There was a loud flash and the cage collapsed; so did the imp: in a smoldering, moaning heap. The kicking imp, finally back on his feet now, looked at his fallen brethren, then back at Leazah and Gordian, who was shaking with silent laughter. Gordian waved his stick at the imp in a mock menacing manner. "Now you don't want to end up like--" A bright flash shone out of the closed door a few feet off. "'the **** was that?"

    Leaning his burning rod against the wall, Gordian stepped past the imp muttering, "And why am I always being interrupted? Do people here just not realize how rude it is? I mean, come on." He reached the door and opened it. "Hello, nice undies."
    Mirai was able to rise to his feet, Ariel must have aimed less at his body than everything else. Mirai rushed to Ariel and picked her up in his arms, he held her close, his cheek against hers. The door opened, Mirai recognized his favorite trouble maker Grey Gordian, "Hey when did you get here?" Mirai's excitment dropped when Gordian gave a shrewd welcome to his wife. "Why greeting my wife, and not an old friend first?" Mirai was furious, he flew to the bed and pulled a blanket over Ariel's body.
    Sirv pressed his fire blazed foot on Malta's body. Malta cackled insanely as the fire helped his tazor burns, his limbs celebrating. He enjoyed the pain. "Mirai needs us." Malta stood up and held out his flame engulfed hands, Sirv stepped on Malta with his blazing feet. The two imps burned each other into fire balls, floated in the air, through the bed door and stopped above Mirai's shoulders. "Who is this guy?" inquired Sirv of Grey. Mirai's eyes shifted to the imps as they passed Gordian and came to Mirai.
    Leazah didn't seem fazed as she watched the banter between the imps and her future husband, even going as far as yawning. Then suddenly, a flash of light shone out of a door nearby. She said simultaneously along with Gordian, "What was that?" She followed after him as he walked through the door and shot him a stop-being-rude glare and hurried over to her fellow angel. "Ariel?" Ariel wasn't someone she knew well but she remembered her as a friend, someone who once did a favour for Leazah.

    "Finally, something that isn't a demon. Are you okay? What was that just then?"

    Mirai was courteous to the new angel, he bowed to her, let Leazah near Ariel but held Ariel close. Mirai had a charming smile, "Hello, can you find Ariel some clothes? Im not letting her go around old sleazy over there!" Mirai glared at Gordian, getting more and more infuriated by the moment. He didn't hide his murderous intent. "That's Gordian and his wife," Mirai answered to Malta and Sirv, "Why are you two in defense mode? Gordian is more of a womanizer than an attacker."

    "What, they're very stylish. Nice color." Gordian replied innocently, watching a fireball fly over each of his shoulders. "I should have known those were yours. Very impolite." He walked farther into the room, taking in his surroundings: the demons on the floor, the blood by the bed, the scent in the air. He smiled; Mirai's tastes weren't secret. Gordian had walked in to find similar scenes before. Fond memories, mostly. Mirai was always up for some fun. He got very territorial with whoever he was currently defiling too. Thinking back, Gordian was actually a little surprised the other demon still considered him a friend after the number of times he had pulled that string.

    Leazah walked past and gave him a look, he shrugged. "Anyways, this is my beautiful fiancée, Leazah. We brought you some rum, it's on the floor in the foyer. You'll like it." Mirai was still mad. Usually Gordian would have a little fun with that, but he didn't want to start a fight in front of the angels. "I thought we could have a little double date today, I hope we're not intruding."

    Ariel’s eyes shot towards the door hearing someone say something about underwear before her gaze fell back down at her half naked body. Her cheeks instinctively turned red as she wrapped her arms around herself to cover herself up a bit. But luckily for her Mirai was already by her side as he picked her up and took her back to the bedroom. Usually she wouldn’t be so friendly with begin carried by a demon but right now she felt rather lucky for it because he was saving her from embarrassment. She felt the soft blanket around her and quickly gripped it tightly to herself so it wouldn’t fall.

    Ariel looked up again in Mirai’s arms hearing someone calling her name before seeing a rather familiar and friendly face staring back at her. Finally there was another angel here not just demons. "Leazah," she spoke softly with a smile before her hand reached out to touch hers. But as Ariel looked straight into her gaze she noticed the lust in Leazah eyes, the lust she felt earlier from Mirai’s touches. She had sinned. Ariel thought as her hand immediately dropped back to her side, did their father really leave them here to die? She looked over at the new demon that had entered who apparently was Leazah new husband before she moved closer towards Mirai as he commented about her clothing again.

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    wow nice story i really liked it, are you going to work on this piece? the story line is good I think but I am not a speciallist, but anyways loved it keep on the good work

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