Heey guys I have been working on a plot for an anime, I managed to get a friend of mine to draw and actually create the anime visually. But thats not all that comes to it. So if you pleasse want to read and comment and criticise my work (so far) i would be very thankfull

A land Thorne apart by war, led by the rebellious group. The Kiyoshi-clan. The goal of the group is to take over the power of the civil war and get much influence and respect. A lonely fighter named Katsu tried his best to defeat them but did not succeed he died; his student chickened out and managed to get away. His fear took over and he couldn’t help his master out resulting in his death.
About 20 years later when the war has been less violent and people live in a kind of peace the student named Haru who is now 40 years old hides around the land of war to search for a weak point to finally end the war. When he fought the last battle with some guards and nearly died he suddenly recognizes that he is starting to get old and soon reaches his limits of his potentials. After the nearly-death experience he seeks for a less hard goal. He eventually meets a young man named Masaru by coincidence that may become the one to end the reign. After he refused he gets himself in a sticky situation and Haru safes his life, from then on they start training.
After 5 years of training Haru is taken away by the rebellion group. And set hostage but he doesn’t want Masaru to exchange himself for him, Masaru tries resulting in his death. Haru is able to escape the scene and he ran away from the land of war, completely blown away from the recent event and not able to safe even his student he gets depressive and even tries to end his life. His only goal, to train Masaru is lost.
After a few weeks Haru has grown a bit weak due to his depressiveness. But he still is a formidable fighter. When he walked across the land he sees a teenage girl in peril. That was the right moment for him to show his own strength and get some self-respect back. But when he wants to help her she had taken over the situation herself. From that point the teacher found a new trainee named Hikari and after she agreed they start training.
A lot of things happen in the time of training, characters get to develop better and the teacher and the history of the war get known better.
After the training is nearly complete, the master tries to infiltrate the town and gather some intelligence. But when he finally reaches the head city there has been some major changes. The regime he was so desperate of defeating has already been defeated and another leader has taken the thrown. The new regime is far more extreme and a lot of people get executed. The master finds the new leader but get shocked by reality, the new leader is his “dead” student. In their show-off the master eventually dies but he was able to send an incomplete message to his new student. When the new student noticed the letter she gets desperate and emotions take over. She rushes to the city as fast as she can. When she finally meets with the leader she is shocked because the leader was her boyfriend whom she was dating for a few weeks.
Eventually after some talk the two came to a conclusion and that was that Haru was the one who was setting everything up, not with bad intentions but it had a negative effect on foreign countries. After revealing this mystery they notice a disturbance at the border of the land. A lot of Warlords try to infiltrate the country for its resources together as a team they try to fend off their enemy in the spirit of their dead teacher.