Aaolla walked quietly, not bothering to say anything. She felt that something was wrong, but was trying her hardest to ignore the feeling.
When she had to fight, she would. But until then she had decided she might as well not interfere. When this was all over, she would move on. Aaolla didn't want to make too big of an interference with these people's lives . . . no more than she already had.

Karo looked over at Anisa as she spoke, continuing to stand upright. "Well, I'll kill him eventually, but right now is the calm before the storm. There are people coming for him, and in the commotion is a lot more fun to attack then during the quiet down time. Beside that, I have a feeling that someone important is on their way. Dunno why, just feel it in my gut."
Hearing a crash from nearby, Karo drew his sword quickly out of reflex. "What the heck was that?"