Chuck only watched the girl fall to the ground. Once again not moving a muscle. He didn't really care. Once the other was out of his grip Chuck only watched as she formed a cloud of some kind, and threw the girl on top of it.

That wasn't however what made Chuck act the way he was about to. The first thing he noticed was the grin spread across her face. It was quite dark, and twisted. Chuck narrowed his eyes before acting.

Before lift off Chuck jumped into the air with a massive leap. Reaching the Cloud when it was only 50 or so feet above the ground. Grabbing the girl, and landing back on the ground Chuck placed her back where she was. Looking back at the girl with eyes that matched the intensity of her grin.

"We stay out of the air. She can fly. They know this so best believe they are ready to shot any anyone in the sky down. Even if it's a cloud this is The Blood King were talking about. And Alistair Efton. Someone who can simply fly on his own. Without wing. Be sure he'll be in the air as well. He have to move quickly threw the terrain. With our size I say we slit up into two factions. The Girl, Alicia was it. Will be traveling with me."

Alistair then turned his attention towards the girl. Now listening. Any information from her was a bit learned from the King.