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Title of RP


History of RP Story:

On the planet of Zyanya, there are five kingdoms. In the kingdom of Kratos, war waged. Kratos was the middle kingdom between all the other kingdoms. Emperor Gabriel of Kratos wanted to expands its borders farther. Emperor Gabriel wants to be Emperor of all the kingdoms. He not only wanted to be Emperor of all the kingdoms but he wanted to be a Blood King. Zyanya hadn’t had a blood king for 4,000 years. A blood King is a King or Emperor of Alberich that has shed blood of the toughest opponents in battle. Zyanya, the creator of the world, bestows upon the King the title of Blood King and marks him throughout history as the cruelest and most ruthless King to have lived. But not only bestowing that title but Zyanya also bestows eternal life upon the Blood King. Though what Emperor Gabriel doesn’t know is that the Blood King dies a death of which he gave to all the victims in battle. The one to bestow the death upon the Blood King is prophesized at the Crowning of the Blood King by Zyanya.
Empress Boadicea of Kratos wished to only have the best things in life and cared for nothing else. She was evil minded and clever. She played Gabriel like violin. She was the one that planet the idea of Blood King into Emperor Gabriel’s mind. Gabriel and Boadicea were betrothed since birth. They weren’t like the fairy tale stories of the man and the woman falling in love and living happily ever after. The King and Queen didn’t share beds, dinners, or even each others company anymore. Boadicea and Gabriel had 3 sons, but every one of them died in battle for their father. They were just as bloodthirsty as their father. Or were they just as bloodthirsty as their mother?
Northeast of Kratos is Aeron. Aeron is a peaceful farming country. It didn’t want anything to do with the war that Emperor Gabriel was starting. Aeron tried to have a peace treaty with Kratos but Emperor Gabriel did not want to just have some of Aeron’s land, Emperor Gabriel wanted all the land. Aeron was forced into the war. Their lands were burned and their villages crushed. King Xoan and Queen Svanhild are cornered now in their kingdom with no way to get out in sight, but Queen Svanhild being borne a warrior from the Kingdom of Elfleda, wont let her precious kingdom to Kratos. She said she would rather hang then give over her kingdom so easily. A few days after claiming war with Kratos, the King and Queen were found hanging from ropes in the gallows of Kratos’ courtyard. No one knows how it happened or how the King and Queen of Aeron were captured so easily and quickly.
Southeast of Kratos is Farvardin. Farvardin is a kingdom of ylfe. The ylfe are a solitary group. They train themselves for the span of a human life. They train in magical, science, art and fighting. The ylfe are a very vicious foe to have in battle yet Emperor Gabriel’s army had been slandering the ylfe. This makes everyone very afraid because the ylfe were the strongest in Zyanya. AlberichGirisha was widower. His wife died a 1000 years before. AlberichGirisha is over 5000 years old. The Alberichwas angered by Emperor Gabriel and wants the blood of Emperor Gabriel server in a silver goblet. Alberich Girisha was found drained of his blood in his rooms a week later. A silver goblet of some of his blood was left on the night stand.
Northwest of Kratos was Ing. It was the country of Daemons. The country was always in famine. The land was poor and the water was scarce. No one really knew what the Daemons were. They shifted shapes constantly and were always jumpy as if someone was going to stab them in the back when they weren’t looking. Queen Tethys was always having to deal with the problems of her own country must less the war which threatened to take her life as it did to the others that opposed Kratos. Queen Tethys refused to surrender to Kratos. She knew that although her people were always fighting that if they had a common enemy then perhaps her country could be better in the future. Queen Tethys sent Emperor Gabriel a poisoned rose. A day later, Queen Tethys was found in her garden tangled and hanging from her poisoness thorn roses.
Southeast of Kratos was Elfleda. Elfleda was the most prosperous country in Zyanya. The capital was made of crystal. This was the country of Engels. They were winged people with long lives and magical abilities. King Matthias and Queen Miriam ruled there country with a calm and peaceful hand. Elfleda didn’t have many deaths and no one broke the laws. Although the kingdom of Elfleda has an army, it has never been mobilized. When Kratos sent the letter of surrender, Matthias and Miriam said that although they are against violence, that they as rulers cannot stand and let such evil into their lands. Along with the letter they sent a golden crystal dagger that was sure to find Emperor Gabriel’s heart. Two days later, Matthias and Miriam were found with their hearts cut out and the dagger at their feet.
This is where our story begins; it is a day before the coronation of the Blood King. Emperor Gabriel had conquered all the kingdoms without so much as lifting a finger. The land of Zyanya is in ruins and the war had lasted a total of 31 days. The people of Zyanya are afraid of what the next years will be like with the Blood King.

Humans: Are the lowest and weakest, but somehow always come out on top. They breed faster and easier the other races. They have no magical power unless they are interbreeding with the other races. They use since to upgrade and fight.

Ælf: Purple term ylfe. They have stronger bones which mean harder to break them. They are able to manipulate the elements to their own will. They are trained in hand to hand combat and with swords and bow and arrows mostly. They enjoy art and music. They are incredibly beautiful and graceful.

Dæmons: Their natures are dark and cruel. They suck the life right out everything for enjoyment. They are able to shape shift into anything they wish to be to hide or sneak up upon an enemy or prey.

Engels: Their natures are the exact opposite of the Dæmons. They are lighthearted and cheerful. They don’t enjoy fighting but when forced to fight they are ruthless. They have wings grown from their back. Their bones are lighter but stronger they humans. They are able to fly which makes them a much harder target to hit in battle.

Sample Character Sheet (Blank):

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Sample Character(s) (just one sample will do):

Name:Alicia Nightweld
Height:5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 125 pounds
Hair Color:White with strawberry highlights
Eye Color:Pink
Race:Human enhanced Valkaryie Warrior
Weapons:A ruby tinted sword, daggers at her wrist, upper arms, thighs, and ankles. Her living metal armor protects her from harm. She carries around with her a bow and arrows for when it is needed though she tends to use her Sword more.
Personality:Her emotions are suppressed by the scientist so that she will be less responsive during testing and not complain or fuss or fight back with what test they do to her.
History:When she was born, she was given to the government of Kratos by her family for money. She was an accident birth and her parents didn’t want her. The government needed babies for experiments so the government gladly took Alicia into “care.” When Alicia was an embryo inside her biological mother, the scientist stuck needles into the embryo and added Engel DNA into her DNA as an experiment. The scientists were disappointed to find out that when she was born that she had no wings, but she did have larger lungs and air sacs. Her bones were lighter by stronger then humans. When Alicia was 11, three sets of wings grew from her back. Alicia was bed ridden for days till she was able to stand without falling. The scientists were excited to find this out. They had the wonderful idea to inject this living metal that they had produced from another experiment into her blood stream. So when Alicia was well enough to function as her normal self, the scientist injected the metal. This living metal had strange effects on Alicia. She suddenly became ill. She couldn’t hold anything down and was put into a coma. Three months later, Alicia suddenly awoke. The scientists were afraid that they were going to have to pull the plug on their “creation.” As soon as she awoke, the scientist continued with their testing, but now, everything they injected into her blood stream caused her no harm because the living metal was acting like antibodies in her system and fighting off and killing anything that was natural to her system. The metal was linked to her thought patterns and worked to whatever she did. The government then intervened to use her as their latest weapon. They had high hopes for her. Since the war had started years before, they needed for soldiers and they considered her the perfect solider. She was indestructible in their eyes and they had her completely under control or so they thought. She is meant to be the body guard of Emperor Gabriel.