From the heavens above flew a pretty dove;
White and pure. That i might see it right
In my sight on a moonlit night; Such rarity
I much agree to myself. Of all the things i love
And hold dear, is of God's creation from here
To foreverwhere; And full of cheer i be,
Rid with fear of death as all life to me is beauty.
But steady are those greedy, who already
Live better off than those needy, but demand more
For their pleasure; Ignoring the toils and sorrows
Of hardworking dogs who live like a rag-and-bone.
The moon is soon set but darkness remains
And the light i shall never see; nor will it see me.
For this dove has come, an omen i believe;
To paradise i shall be received, free from my grief
And my body so bone-like already, when my heart
Stops its beat and my breath breathes into silence

The 'Foreverwhere' isn't a word but just something of mine i decided to use. A mix of forever and everywhere. So you don't have to point it out ^^