Leazah sat in the carriage silently, but not like the others. The others had a sad, solemn atmosphere around them whilst Leazah still had some dignity in hers. She crossed her arms, a snobby look on her face. I'm proud! I was the one they chose to bewed those .. those .. cretin. That means they know I'll survive this! That I may somehow control m-my .. my .. partner. I can do this! I know I can.. She looked at the others around her, their heads hung low. "C'mon, girls! We can do this! We were chosen out of all the girls in Heaven! Keep your spirits high, sadness will only entertain them," she said triumphantly, as if she were talking to a group of angels about to go to war. Actually, it was very much like going to war. They were going to join the demons in holy matrimony!

When the carriage stopped, Leazah was the first to get out, wanting to pick at least a good-looking mate. She surveyed the crowd in front of them, and her mood lightened. At least none of them are ugly. She grimaced when the leader of the devils descended, giving his own little speech before picking an angel and leaving. "Good luck," she whispered to the angel, watching as she left. A sigh escaped her lips and she saw all the evil looks the demons were expressing. Leazah looked back at all the other angels who looked hesitant and reluctant. Come on! Does no-one except me have some courage? She straightened her posture and decided if the demons weren't coming forward, she might as well go ahead.

A guy with white hair and a sort of mist coming off of him caught her eye. She walked toward him and ignored the gasps and surprised faces from both crowds and she finally stopped in front of the boy. "Since demons have to be the one picking, I guess I'll just have to introduce myself and you tell me whether you want me or not. I'm Leazah, don't go forgetting it," she said, her hands positioning themselves on her hips.

Gordian was lounging on a short barrier against a wall watching the others when Kai walked past toward the carriage . Kai Tyeson James, if he's involved this must be important to the big man. He smiled. And if I'm involved he must not want to to go smoothly.....I think I like the redhead.

Gordian's things were already in his room. He never got an assignment by disembodied voice, it was always delivered by a born-demon. Probably someone's idea of playing his own games with him. That never bothered him, it gave opportunity for questions.

And speaking of questions, that redhead was approaching him directly. Feisty! he chuckled. Gordian swung his feet back onto the ground. She was already so close he reached her in one step; she didn't flinch. Good. Looking into her eyes, well practiced at keeping a straight face, Gordian leaned toward her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, and before he pulled away he softly told her, "I choose you, Leazah."