It upsets me that I have to resort to joining this forum to get any attention here. I have Emailed the staff of THREE TIMES concerning the theft and unauthorized usage of my artwork in a Sailormoon Wallpaper. All three times, my messages have been ignored.

The picture in question is the SailorVenus wallpaper, found here:

My original artwork can be found here:

I have already spoken to "Sakura-Chan" who made the wallpaper, and she apologized. The posting of this Wallpaper has led to problems concerning several cases of art theft, including a major issue I just had to deal with: the wallpaper itself was taken off *this* site, printed on a T-Shirt, and was selling on Ebay without my previous knowledge or permission.
My art is under copyright, and no one but myself has the authority to sell it or not.

In short, has caused SEVERE problems for me, and I am SICK of them not responding to my Emails. I am them asking now to get their act together and remove that wallpaper immediately.

Brianna Garcia