Ok time to get something off of my chest and to most likely get in trouble at the same time! Now I'm a big boy and I don't mind a little trouble. First some background; when at first i joined I lurked around a bit did my due diligence, I read the FAQ's and read some of the other forum rules so I could find out how this forum "rolls". After doing this, still being excited about finding a good place to talk about anime I decided to post a thread in the introductions section. I was both happy/touched by some of the responses, and also a little perplexed with some of the responses. I had many "welcome aboard's", 'have fun", and so ons, but there were also some weird ones like "follow the rules" umm... ok, I just got here but ok. I took these in stride and continued exploring the forum and contributing where I could.

Now as I was felt welcome when I introduced myself, and was/am enjoying my stay here, I also would like to welcome other's when they introduce themselves. Now it's impossible to get to everyone but I try my best. While going through these I began to pick up on some disturbing patterns. What were these disturbing things I was seeing? The tittle of my post goes a little bit into illustrating that. I was seeing copy and paste greetings!!! I mean if your going to say hello to someone and welcome them, then actually do it. Don't just have a form response! What's the point? you get to 1 more post added to your total? Getting a response like that you might as well be telling the other person "I don't really care that you are here or not but it's an opportunity to get some more posts without trhing". Am I wrong? I mean getting a formulated response is just like getting a wet noodle handshake from someone! It's a huge sign of disrespect to the other person! I realize that there are only so many ways to say hello, welsome, but come on! Make a comment on something from their introduction, Maybe you're from the same country, or have the same name, or you really like theyre avatar/sig.

I know that this will offend some people and that's just fine with me. Myself and probably others have also been offended by these copy and paste greetings, so now that makes us even. For other's hopefully I've woken you up to something you weren't even aware you were doing. To the other people who have noticed the same thing that I have and didn't want to risk getting in trouble for saying something, you are welcome.

To summarize if you are going to welcome someone then please take the time to do it properly. Otherwise please don't bother.

/end Rant