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Thread: Valhalla Punk

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    Default Valhalla Punk

    I have been way too busy for too long, so I never got to post.

    But I am here to share something with you all

    This is not a fan fiction or a poem, so I thought I'd put it here

    I am writing the story for a Supernatural Shonen Action series.

    Here is the introduction:


    Life force, Ki, is the magic makes all life possible.

    Those who are fortunate are bathed in a wonderful glow. This glow is power, both beautiful and horrific.

    One day, the bad men came. Selfish, hateful, and greedy, they stole the magic of life from others. No one knew why except the bad men themselves. The bad men brought nightmares and suffering wherever they went.

    Then a group of children with the glow came to fight the bad men. With all their might, the children made the bad men go away.

    With the bad men gone, the children did not know what to do. Fighting had hardened their hearts. They began to fight with each other. It had become a game for them.

    One child didn’t know why they still had to fight with the bad men gone. Sad and angry, he ran away. Left alone, he tried hard to forget.

    He knew he couldn’t hide forever. The other children would look for him to continue their game.

    He waited, understanding now how a child becomes a bad man.


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