Junior year sucks D:

Lol, I get to the point where I'm like screw AP Physics *gets on Photoshop instead*

Anyways, nice new sigs. I'm not to much of a fan of the placing your stocks to the side of the signature if you can't balance it out. With the first signature, I think it would look better if you moved the stocks from the left into the center a bit more. Though, don't take my opinion too seriously. You're really good with textures though. I think the white foggyness over the stocks don't look that good but the way you used the textures and such look really nice.

I'm really in love with your space BOTM. I think you did a good job with the balance of the signature and how the light comes forward and the darkness recedes really looks nice. The typography on it looks great as well. Its actually one of my favorites by you. Good job with it.