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Thread: Gallery of Dreams

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    Default Gallery of Dreams

    Hello! I'm new here xD (as you can obviously see by my pathetic post count), so I hope this post follows the rules and all, since I didn't see anything against posting numerous small images in a row :X. If not, please tell me ^_^; //bows.

    Important Note: If you are taking any of these, please tell me first. (Some of these are from former requests/gifts.) And if you don't do this, at least credit. Steal them and I'll eat you =D

    Comments & Critics are always appreciated (:



    I've gotten several PMs and the like about requesting. That's fine, although I'll have to warn you that I have several..(more like a lot) of rules implemented over the last year in which I took requests from various forums xD.

    First and foremost, I don't know, won't know when I'll get your request done. Please don't ask me about it, I am extremely busy this year with tests almost every other day, so graphics are not exactly important on my list of to do things right now.

    Secondly, please do not claim the signature as your own. That's just quite rude and irritates me...a lot. Credit is not mandatory, although greatly appreciated. (Although if you're using it on another forum, I ask you to please leave credits somewhere. There was some graphic issues a while ago, and if it happens again, I might be forced to watermark my graphics, and that's just...ew =_='')

    Lastly, please use the following form. (below) I reserve the right to ask you to change the image/etc, or deny you completely if you break any of the above rules. (:, with that said, onto the form! (Please request one at a time xD)

    What would you like?*:
    Image(s): (HQ please. No more than 3)
    Main Text:
    Sub Text:
    Other information:

    Click to Request

    *: I am willing to do basic tutorials for photoshop CS3/4, wallpapers, sets, banners, icons. Might do manga coloring. Post on this thread (:

    List of Requesters/Requested:
    1. .Elmer (set) x|x [DONE]
    2. Camisado (set)
    3. PinkBeatz (sig)

    Important Notice: As of now, until the end of January, I'll be ridiculously busy with SAT subject tests, major tests in my AP/IB courses, etc. etc. Because of this, if you request now, most likely you will get your graphic in February. You will receive a PM back if I received your request within 24-48 hours. A list will be posted of which graphic I'll be making first, second, etc. Please be patient. **However, if you are asking me to render, you really want to use a low quality picture, bad stock, etc. I might skip over your request, but of course, I'll tell you this beforehand.**

    ONCE YOU REQUEST AND I OKAY IT, YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT AFTER A 24 HOUR PERIOD. (You have no idea how many people decide to change what they want after I'm almost done with the graphic they originally a waste of time >_>)

    Attached is the timeline for my graphics xD '08-'10!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	progression.png‎
Views:	103
Size:	1.44 MB
ID:	27418  
    Last edited by Dreams; 01-15-2010 at 09:39 PM.

    sit back and live through the daylight.
    graphics/request thread.

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