I wrote this last month, right after i got with my boyfriend =) I guess it might not be the happiest poem in the world, but i like the ending. enjoy <3<3

A silent scream fills my ears,
Mental, yet unnerving.
A hostile cry, churns deep within me,
Tempting but not concerning.

Complex emotions take my mind,
Distorting my visions of time
Dancing in circles, false thoughts deceive me.
A deluded, un-proportional crime.

Bright fantasies converge with reality
Sadistically charming in a way.
Happiness has become drugged it seems
Spinning an arithmetical play

High pitched whistle sends pain through me
Lies and delusions destroy my memory faster
Hallucinations crash around me
My mind decodes the disaster

Falling through air, spiraling down
Nothing to grasp, no hope, no sound.
Life passes by, I watch my ending
Until which, his hand I found

A glint of hope, I have grasped.
Mirages erased, sanity replaced.
He saved me, rewarded me peace.
Our fates are now interlaced…