It's been quite a while since I've posted a poem, hasn't it?
Well, I wrote it over the last two days. Here it is! Thank you for reading, I hope you like it. ^_^ *Tsuki*


No longer can I see the beauty in front of me,
I can only see the ugly.
Hope was lost in the long battle,
those around me twitch in fright.

Headed back home, is there anything left?
All we have are the clothes on our backs.
Wonder if the war was truly won,
or if we fought for nothing.

Faces of those who are dead,
are the only things we can see.
Allies and foes, friends and enemies,
blur together in our minds.

Pride is lost forever more,
we've seen too much for that.
No family waits for us at home,
to help set us back on track.

How can we learn to trust again,
when we're so use to betrayal?
Watch your own hide, but never look back.
Plug your ears from the cries in the distant.

Tears form in our eyes when we remember the faces,
of the women and children we killed.
Innocents living on the land,
brought down by the onslaught of bullets.

So many lives gone, but the leaders still live.
Continue to shoot with blank stares.
This is where we became blind,
searching endlessly for the power to control the world.

Maybe someday we'll be forgiven,
and our sight will return yet again.
One person can make such a difference,
maybe we can find that person.

So that we no longer cry in our sleep,
or wake from screaming too loud.
Someone to hold us and give us hope,
let us find that person again.

First it will start with colors,
then it will move onto shapes.
After will be faces,
and last will be the background.

Someday we may see the background;
the earth we live on.
Sight will return when we find that person,
may god be with us all.

Some will fall along the way,
lost eternally to the war.
But we will fight on until we find our place,
to live for the lives that cannot.