yes i asked the divisive evil question, which are you?

i myself am a Liberal, i belive in universal health care, i'm pro choice, for stem cell research, for safe sex.

main reason i guess is because i'm from the east coast and most political views are geographic for some reason, which explains to me why the South once held by the Confederacy is republican today when at that time they were democrats, both parties kind of switched positions.if abraham lincoln were around today he'd be a democrat, but also to me the republican party is just hypocrites....i mean you have ppl like sarah palin saying we should teach abstinence in schools when if her own daughter was taught about safe sex she wouldn't be pregnant at 17, also these are the god ppl who sin everyday and really know nothing of the bible. glenn beck always talks about how fat he is and how he loves to eat but also about how gays are sinners and shouldn't get married when last time i checked it said nothing about being gay in the 10 commandments or 7 deadly sins........however Gluttony is mentioned.aklso with the republicans you have Rich ppl complaining about paying money....very christ like huh.

dam i ranted a lil bit.