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Thread: Lovely Heart (Original Fiction)

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    Default Lovely Heart (Original Fiction)

    Okie its an original fanfic about romance and love in school. Haven't written fanfics in a while and wow it felt great. Please let me know what you think about them. ^^

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    Chapter I

    Life could never be better for Shingo Date. He has a wonderful loving mother, an idiot but understanding older brother and a comfortable home. He may not be wealthy but he was surrounded with love by his friends and his family. His father and grandfather passed away in a tragic accident a few years ago and he still misses them. However he decided long ago he would not cry over it. He had to be strong for the family.

    He was an eternal optimist and always had a smile on his face which earned him many friends and also admirers as he was quite cute. But he felt something missing in his life. He felt an emptiness in his heart that seemed to eat away at him slowly. He could not figure out what it was but unknown to him, it would tear away his happiness, his smile and his life. This is the story of how Shingo found the meaning of love....... ......... ........... .......

    The sun was especially bright that day though it was not especially hot. Together with the gentle soothing breeze that came now and then, it made the day especially lovely. School was the same as usual and it was halfway through History class.
    “Alright everyone! We’re having a test on the Sengoku period next monday. Please take it seriously and anyone that gets an A will get a surprise!”
    Oh i hope its something good Shingo thought to himself.
    “Eehhh i bet Miss Mika won’t give us anything. Its just a trick i tell you! A trick to get us to study. But i ain’t falling for that no way.!”
    Beside Shingo sat one of his best buddy Reiji. He was the type of guy that’s skeptical about everything and cares mostly about himself. It was probably why he did not have that many friends. Shingo however was an exception. Reiji found something in Shingo that he found in no other.

    “Even so Reiji, a test is a test and we should do our best!” Shingo told him with his smile and cheerful voice. He looked at Shingo and sighed. “There you go again with that smile and sweety-pie look. I bet you want the surpirse to be Miss Mika cuddling and giving a big wet kiss eh?”

    Shingo’s face went as red as cherry. “W-what are you talking about? You’re being an idiot. Besides i know you act all indifferent but i know YOU like her alot! Hehehehehe....”
    “N-no i don’t! Cut it out! Reiji began turning red as well.
    “Hehehehehe awww don’t be shy Reiji. Its okay to like Miss Mika. I think all the boys in the school like her aaaaand i think some girls too.....”
    Miss Mika was in fact really popular because she had a very curvaceous figure and a gorgeous face. Her breasts were, you could say ‘D’-elightful.

    Later on the final bell rang and school ended for the day. “Hey Shingo, Reiji wait up” A boy with yellow hair came running up to them at the hallway as they left the classroom.
    “Yo blondie!” Reiji greeted him. “Why’d you have to keep calling me that?” The boy with wavy blond hair said as he rolled his eyes. Just then a couple of girls that walked by looked at him and giggled amongst themselves. “You sure are popular with the ladies Harry.” Shingo said as he noticed the girls still giggling and turning back now and then to look at him giggling even harder.

    Harry Asahi was their good friend from another class. He was really popular with the girls because of his blonde hair, blue eyes and handsome features. He was tall and slender and had the looks of a pop idol. He was really smart too and was approached by the president of the student council to join but he turned the offer down saying it was too much of a hassle.

    “Hehe its cos my blonde hair. If i didn’t have it, i’d just be a regular guy.” He said modestly.
    “Oh really? If that’s the case i’m gonna dye my hair blonde. Then i can become the prince of this school and all the girls would be lining up to be my princess.” Reiji said with a hint of sarcasm.
    “Even if your hair is black, blonde or white you’d still be an idiot.” Harry told him.
    “Oh yeah i’ll shave your head till your baldness shines like a mirror!”
    “Good then i’ll let you look into my bald-headed mirror to see how ugly you are!”
    Shingo just sighed and rolled his eyes as the two continued to argue.
    “Haha they at it again Shingo?” Came a female voice to his right.
    Shingo turned and saw a girl walking towards him. She had bobbed hair and pretty features. “Ahh Reiko.Yeah same old same old. Haha.”
    “Hey the tomboy is here. Now that the gang’s all present we sh- Gaah!”
    Reiko punched him in the face before he could finish.
    “Lets go!” She smiled

    The four of them usually spend most of their time together after school. These three were Shingo’s best friends. Although Reiko had known Shingo since they were kids. They were childhood friends and were in the same class from middle school till high school. This year however, she was in a different one.

    “So what’s the plan for today?” Reiji asked as he rubbed his cheek where Reiko had hit him. “I dunno, what do you wanna do Shingo?” Reiko turned to Shingo. He replied instantly. “Lets eat hamburgers! I’m starving.” He said. Then his stomache gave a little growl.

    And the gang left the school together and went to the fast food restaurant that just opened a few weeks ago. Shingo felt really happy and good whenever the four of them were together like this. He felt a strong bond between all 3 of them. It was as if they were like family. Sure they may quarrel and annoy him sometimes but the chain that holds them together remain strong. They were tight. It puzzled him sometimes though how each of them had contrasting personalities but could still be attracted to each other.

    The day became less brighter as the clouds came rolling in and covering its light. The soothing breeze intensified making the day very windy and cooling.
    All of a sudden a particular strong wind rushed by blowing away scraps of litters and leaves everywhere.
    “Aaaah my ribbon!” Came the voice of a girl as a bright red ribbon came flying at Shingo.
    It flew at him and was almost out of reach when his hands shot up like a gun and caught it safely.
    “*whistle* Nice catch Shingo.” Reiji said.
    “Ahh my ribbon.” The girl repeated but this time with relief. The girl’s chestnut-colored hair was long and smooth as it floated on the wind. He looked at her as he returned the ribbon back and saw that she wore the same uniform as them.

    “Ah Suzuka.” Shingo exclaimed as he realised who it was. His heart began beating faster and his legs quivered slightly as the realization hit him. His face tighten up and he just stood there awkwardly.
    “Thanks Shingo! Nice catch!” She smiled and took back the ribbon.

    “Whoa what’s up with Shingo? He looks like he’s constipated.” Harry said as he looked at Shingo. “Nah he looks more like he’s about to rape some poor little child that he kidnapped from the supermarket.” Reiji added as he examined Shingo’s expression.
    “Poor little girl.” Harry said sympathetically.
    “Naaah. Looking at him, i’d say he’d go both ways. If it turns out to be a boy, then he’d really deserve my pity.” Reiji told him.
    “What the hell is wrong with you guys?” Reiko said exasperatedly and rolled her eyes.
    “Shingo likes Suzuka you idiots.”
    “Ohhhhhhh” They both turned to each other and then at Reiko.
    “Aren’t you jealous? That harpy has gotten Shingo under her spell! You should stop her.”
    Reiji told her.
    “T-that’s stupid. I’m not jealous! And don’t call her a harpy. I cant believe you guys didn’t know Shingo liked Suzuka. I’ve known since the start of the year.”

    Suzuka was busy tying her hair and hadn’t yet realised the weird look Shinji had.
    Harry elbowed his ribs and he came to his senses albeit painfully.
    “I’ll take the other two off first and we’ll meet you at the place ok? Just be cool and be yourself. If she doesn’t like you then there’s always others out there yea?” He whispered to Shingo. “Remember, relax. Girls like their guys to be confident and strong. You’ll be fine!” And with that, the three left though the other 2 had to drag Reiji with them because he insisted on staying to help Shingo which they believed would be more disastrous than helpful.

    Okay, be cool and confident. You’re the man Shingo. Be a man!
    He stared into her eyes. Those enchanting brown eyes that seemed to pull him in.
    “Do you want to go watch a movie with me this Saturday?” She asked him.
    Huh? Wow my seduction technique worked he thought to himself beaming inside.
    “Uhh Shingo? Why’re you smiling so widely?” Suzuka asked puzzled.
    “Ehh....Aaahh...Well it’s nothing! I’m always smiling! I love to smile! Heehee!” He replied.
    *Giggle* “Yeah thats true. Everytime i look at you i always see a smile there. I’ve never seen you angry or sad.” She told him with a look of slight admiration.
    Shingo blushed. “So do you wanna watch a movie with me this Saturday?”
    She asked again. Wow she looked really cute when she said.
    Should I or Shouldn’t I? What am i going to talk about? What if i look stupid? What if i did something to annoy her? Should i go? He thought to himself.
    Be a man! “Yes ok!”

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    I liked it! It was good although there were some minor spelling mistakes but the plot of the story was really good.
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