Story is about Kurt and Kitty going off to college on their own. The events of each chapter will loosely follow my college life as I begin as a freshman in the next few days. The first few chapters will give a bit of background to the events and the two teen’s relationship. While I have seen some of the show, my knowledge of characters and plot is nearly nonexistent. If you notice a difference between the show and this fic, kindly ignore it since this is only loosely based on the world of X-Men Evolution which is why I called it AU. Also, sorry Lancitty fans, but there will be some bashing but since I kinda liked Lance when he wasn’t stupid, I have faith that there will be some redemption for him.

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Kurt Wagner grinned excitedly as he teleported to his room. It was finally time!

He took one last look around at the place he had called home for the past four years. The room was cleaned, the bed made, and all traces of its last occupant having been removed and packed away. Soon the room would have a new owner, but Kurt didn’t mind, it wasn’t his place anymore.

Two things made him shrug off any feelings of sadness. First, after several hard, grueling years of schooling, Kurt and the rest of his classmates had graduated from Bayville High. It still made Kurt grin as he thought of graduation. Everyone had been smiling happily and there were no few tears being shed. Even the Brotherhood had been in high spirits.

Lance and the others had all managed to graduate (Scott had grumbled something about cheating, but no one paid him any mind) and were all going their separate ways. Lance was going west, Fred, south, and the others were moving out of state, but staying east coast. It seemed like X-men’s rivals had grown tired of their games. Fred was actually going on a football scholarship and had received quite a bit of flak for doing such a human thing from his friends.

Meanwhile the X-Men had also been planning their own futures and preparing to split up.

Evan was going to Duke University, hoping to join the basketball team. He’d hoped to get a scholarship, but unfortunately had been unable to make the cut and so instead was going to try and make it through the normal method of showing up and praying.

Rogue was staying close by and going to a community college. She’d confessed to her half-brother that she wasn’t quite ready to leave the institute. Her powers were still too out of control for her to be comfortable on her own, but due to a recent breakthrough during her sessions with Professor Xavier, she hoped to leave the nest in a few years.

Kurt was actually shocked to be moving on as well. Never in a million years had he expected to be comfortable with the idea of leaving the mansion, the only place he’d thought he could ever fully be himself. But things had changed and his horizons had been expanded. Now he hoped to become part of the surrounding world rather than just be an observer. With the Professor’s help, he had been admitted into the University of Northridge. It was a small school built into the edge of a large forest in the Washington mountains. The campus was breathtaking and Kurt had been ecstatic since he received his acceptance letter.

He had thought a long time over what he had wanted to major in once he had gotten his letter. At first he hadn’t been able to choose any one particular thing, and had been considering going in undeclared, but at the last second, he’d been able to make a decision thanks to a gift he had received the previous year from Mr. McCoy.

Beast, as he was otherwise known, had observed several times that Kurt had difficulty using the computers of the institute since his fingers were too thick to properly press the keys. Therefore as another fellow “blue fuzzy dude” as Kurt sometimes fondly referred to the older mutant, he had set out to fix the problem. Last Christmas, he had gifted Kurt with a special pair of gloves that ended in narrow tips which allowed the teen to use the computers easily. Within a few weeks he had grown into a total computer junkie as the gloves opened doors to places he hadn’t known existed. It had taken quite a bit of work from the rest of the X-Men to pry him away from his new toys when they realized how far he gone he was, but thanks to their efforts, Kurt was no longer obsessed with checking his facebook and twitter every few minutes.

Due to the gloves though, Kurt had decided to major in computer science, a field he thought would give him a wide range of options after he graduated.

“Hey, Kurt? You ready yet? It’s time to go.”

Kurt turned around at the voice and beheld the other critical reason why he was unafraid of his new future.

Katherine “Kitty” Pryde stood in his doorway, her head cocked to the side and her arms folded. She was smiling at him with that grin that she always seemed to save just for him, one full of amusement, acceptance, friendship, and love.

The last bit was still a shock to him when he thought about it. How anyone could be attracted to him, let alone a beautiful girl like Kitty was a mystery to Kurt. They had always been best friends and Kurt had always had a crush on her but in the beginning of senior year, things had begun to change. They had grown closer after they had been exposed as mutants to the town and Kitty had realized that Kurt was very important to her. Despite this, they would have continued dancing around each other if it hadn’t been for Rogue’s intervention.

(Flash Back)

“Hey Kitty, ya ask anyone to Saddies yet?” asked Rogue one morning as the two girls were getting dressed. Rogue was already mentally preparing herself for the worse, only to have her jaw drop in shock at her roommate’s response.

“Not yet, I just can’t think of anyone who I want to go with.”

Rogue glance at the former valley girl in surprise. “Ya mean ya haven’t asked Lance yet? Ah thought ya were totally in ta him.”

Kitty made a disgusted face. “Like eww, no way! Ever since he was exposed as a mutant, he has been acting all superior. Do you know he was harassing freshmen with his powers the other day, for their lunch money no less?”

Rogue rolled her eyes. That was low even for Lance, but she wasn’t too surprised. “Ah, never did understand what ya saw in that guy.”

Kitty chuckled humorlessly, “I've been asking myself the same thing lately.”

Silence permeated the room as both girls wrapped up their morning preparations. Rogue was struggling to keep her emotions under control. What she was about to do would require just the right amount of tact and she was well aware that she was not the most tactful person in the mansion.

“Well, what about mah brothah?

“I don’t know, Rogue. You know we’re just friends,” replied Kitty absently.

Rogue resisted the urge to groan at that over used phrase. The two “friends,” as Kitty called them, were practically joined at the hip and did everything together, not to mention that her poor brother was head-over-heels in love with the oblivious girl.

“Well, why don’t ya invite him then, ya’ll have fun that way. And it’s the only chance Kurt will get to go, since he wouldn’t go with anyone other than another girl from tha institute,” she added trying to keep the annoyance out of her voice.

Kitty paused what she was doing and thought about it for a second. What Rogue said made sense. Kurt would make sure she enjoyed the night and he was always the perfect gentleman. And you wouldn’t mind going on a date with him, stated a small voice inside her that she tried her best to ignore.

“But what if he doesn’t want to?” she asked Rogue hesitantly.

Rogue snorted loudly, “Sugar, there is no way mah brothah will turn ya down. Ah guarantee it. Now let’s go, or we will be late for class.”

Kitty nodded and the two girls hurried downstairs and jumped in Scott’s waiting car.

All day Kitty though about Rogue’s advice and by the end of school, had resolved to ask Kurt out. She just needed to find the right time to do so. Once they had all gotten home, she went up to her room to grab her homework before making her way to Kurt’s room. It had become a habit for the two of them to do their homework together and talk about their respective days.

“Kurt?” Kitty called, knocking on the door and hearing the expected welcome, phased through the door.

“Vow Keety, you’re here early,” said Kurt with a chuckle as he hung from the light fixture on the ceiling.

“I just wanted to get my homework done early, Blue,” she replied with a smile. “There is something I have to get done tonight.”

“Vhat is eet? Do you need mein help?” he asked curiously.

“Uh, I’ll get back to you on that one,” said Kitty, her cheeks reddening a bit.

Kurt watched her a bit longer before shrugging and bamfing to the ground. “Vell let us begin zen,” he said as he led Kitty over to the bed. The two teens lay on their stomachs next to each other and began to go over their homework.

For the next two hours they both struggled with such trying concepts as Calculus and Physics. Though out this period, Kitty kept sneaking glances at her best friend. Now that she thought about it, Kurt was actually pretty cute. He was pretty fit and his fur was just so soft! She actually already adored his tail since it made him easy to read and whenever they sat together, it would always curl around her comfortingly. It already had, she realized as she felt it wrapped around her hip. By the time they finished their work, the last of her fears had fallen away and as they began to pack up, Kitty decided to spring the question.

“Hey Kurt?” she began hesitantly with her back to him.

“Ja?” he replied absently, continuing to clean up his work

“Would you like to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me?” Kitty asked.

All movement behind her ceased and silence filled the room. Kitty bit her lip nervously, afraid to turn around.

“Are you serious Katzchen?” Kurt asked quietly, his voice fearful and yet hopeful. “You vould actually like to spend such a special time vith a freak like me?

Kitty whirled around so fast that Kurt fell off the bed in shock. He stared up at his friend, surprised at the anger in her face. “Kurt Vagner, don’t you ever, ever call yourself a freak in my presence again. You are a kind, wonderfully loving person who cares more about others than you do yourself. So you look a little different. Who cares? Certainly no one important. Everyone here likes you and I won’t stand for you or anyone else calling my best friend a freak. Are we clear?”

“Creestal,” replied Kurt from the floor, stunned at the outburst.

“Now are you going with me to the dance or not?” she asked, her temper cooling slightly.

Kurt sat up from the floor and with a deep breath and a smile, gave his response.

“Katzchen eet vould be both an honour and a joy to go vith you to ze dance.”

Kitty smiled happily, he’d said yes! “In that case fuzzy, you will need to get some formal wear for the evening and you’d better hurry, I hear that the tux shops around here are already running out.”


Needless to say, the two of them had an absolute blast. They danced nearly nonstop as soon as the dance floor opened up till it closed. As they were getting ready to leave, one of their few human friends called them.

“You guys are going to the after party right? He asked.

“What after party?” replied Kitty blankly.

Their classmate stopped and stared at the couple. “You mean you didn’t hear? Some rich kid is throwing a huge party at his house. No parents, no rules, and anybody with any form of social life is gonna be there. You should go” he added before disappearing into the crowd

Kurt glanced at Kitty. He knew his date was a social butterfly and this was the first real invitation that either one of them had received since being exposed as mutants. “You vant to check eet out, mein Katzchen?”

The girl thought about it for a moment. “I’d like to, but let’s get Rogue and Evan first.”

Rogue had wanted to go with Remy to Sadies, but the school had some stupid rule that only students of the school could attend its dances so she instead invited Evan whose popularity had dropped like the rest of theirs after being exposed. He’d agreed, but Kurt had caught a brief glimpse of Remy telling Evan just what he could and couldn’t do at the dance.

They quickly found their friends in the exiting mass and explained the invitation. Both of the other teenagers agreed, glad that their term as “outcasts” was finally over. Once they had made it through the door, they all piled into the car that Professor Xavier had lent them for the evening. As Kurt drove (he had volunteered after experiencing Evan’s driving), everyone talked about how great the dance had been and how they would have to do it again.

They arrived at the location of the party, a large two story house, and Kurt began to feel a bit nervous. It was clear that the party was a high school event and he was kind of shocked at how blatant the hosts were. Students were carousing outside the building, drinks in hand and it was clear that those drinks weren’t soda. He shoved down his misgivings as he left the car. No one else seemed to be troubled by the setting and he didn’t want to ruin it for his friends.

The four of them made their way into the house and quickly found seats in one of the large rooms. Evan and the girls grabbed beers while Kurt went without. He’d had a bad experience with alcohol a few months back when one of the younger mutants had spiked his drink in an attempt to get him back for a prank. He’d woken up the next morning half clothed, in one of the trees out back. He still had his pants on, but had mysteriously lost his underwear along the way.

The young mutants watched as several other teens began setting up a table for beer pong. A few of the guys already seemed a bit drunk and so the simple manoeuvre took a bit longer than expected. After everything was ready, one of the more sober and attractive members turned to the watching room.

“Anyone like to join us? We need another player,” he asked loudly.

No one volunteered.

“Come on, anybody will do,” he pled. “What about you, beautiful?”

Kurt ground his teeth as the guy tried to entice Kitty into joining, surely she wouldn’t be foolish enough to accept the offer. She glanced around her, self-consciously blushing, and he stifled a groan.

“Like sure, I’ll play a game.”

Kurt and Evan watched uncomfortably as Kitty, with occasional help from Rogue, lost a game of beer pong. As the game went on, Kitty grew more and more bubbly. Finally the game ended and Kurt was able to drag Kitty away from the table.

“But Kurt, I wanted to play again!”

“Believe me Katzchen, you’ve played plenty,” he said absently looking around. He had lost the other two since he had been unwilling to take his eyes off Kitty. Finally he located his friends and pulling a slightly protesting Kitty behind him, joined them.

“You both ready to go? Keety is drunk and I zink eet vould be best to leave,” he asked.

“I'm not drunk,” denied Kitty. The other two mutants looked at each other and set down their drinks

As they made their way out of the house, Kurt gently leading his date with an arm on her shoulder, Kitty continued to talk. “Ugh, this beer tastes awful,” she said as she continued to drink her bottle.

“Ah think ya had enough there Kitty,” said Rogue as she attempted to get the drink away from her friend.

“I'm fine, leave my drink alone,” she responded putting her beer out of Rogues reach.

“Kitty, if it tastes bad, why are you still drinking,” Evan asked as she took another swallow.

“C’mon guys, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of everyone here,” she said.

Kurt rolled his eyes and gently pried her hand from the bottle. “Keety, zat’s enough, you are drunk.”

“No I'm not,” she pouted.

They continued on in a similar manner until they reached the car. “Do you guys want to go somewhere else before heading back?” asked Evan

“Vhat vere you zinking? Nothing is open at zis hour,” Kurt replied hopefully. He was a bit worried about taking Kitty back to the mansion with alcohol on her breath. Logan would want an explanation for why.

“Um… we could go to Denny’s,” answered the boy hesitantly.

Kurt glanced at Rogue. She nodded. “Denny’s eet is zen,” he stated.


They arrived at Denny’s at around 2:00 a.m. The car ride had been subdued and Kurt kept shooting glances at Kitty, his brow wrinkling in worry. The girl had calmed down once they got in the car but now she wasn’t looking so good. They sat in one of the booths to the back and prepared to order.

“Ya want anythin Kitty?” asked Rogue as she looked over the menu.

“I'm fine,” Kitty replied quietly.

“What about ya, Kurt?” the goth asked.

“Vell, I zink I vill get ze bacon and vaffles,” he said, licking his lips slightly.

“Oh ****.”

Kitty suddenly leap from the table and phased through the wall. The other three cringed as the muffled sounds of retching were heard through the walls.

Kurt glanced around to make sure no one was watching before teleporting with a “bamf” to Kitty’s side. “You okay, Keety?”

Kitty looked at him annoyed and miserable. “Of course not!”

Kurt placed one three-fingered hand gently on her back and rubbed as she emptied out the rest of her stomach. After several minutes of dry heaves, she finally straightened up. He bamfed back into the restaurant, grabbing a glass of water, and then bamfed back.

“Thanks Fuzzy,” she said shyly as she accepted the drink and used it to clean out her mouth.

“Your velcome, mein Engel,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her. “You vant to go back inside or stay out here for a leetle longer?”

“Let’s stay here a bit longer, the fresh air is doing wonders for my stomach,” she said.

Almost half an hour passed as they stood there silently, just enjoying each other’s presence. Kurt was offering up a quiet prayer to God that something would come from this night. He had loved the girl in his arms almost from the first moment they had met. When she had accepted him despite his appearance he’d liked her, but once she smiled at him without an ounce of fear, Kitty Pryde had captured his heart completely. Whatever happened, he swore he’d always be there for his angel.

Kitty was having slightly different thoughts. While Kurt had long ago made up his mind, Kitty was just now realizing the attraction. She felt great in his arms. She was safe and as long as her elf staid with her, she felt she could weather anything the world threw at her.

He was something special to her, she realized, something important. But how important? That’s what she needed to figure out. Did she like Kurt? Of course. Was she attracted to him? She briefly pictured him in her mind first with his holo-watch and then without. She didn’t particularly like his holo form, preferring the real image to the fake one which she thought looked kind of sloppy. Now, how much did she like his real form? She was already hugging him but that was a regular thing for them. Could she go as far as to kiss him? Did she want to?

“Kurt?” she said shyly turning her head to look at him

“Ja?” he murmured back

“I want to try something, but I don’t want you to jump to any conclusions, can you do that?” she asked.

He blinked at her owlishly before giving a hesitant nod.

Kitty leaned forward slightly and gently pressed her lips to his. She felt him go rigid with shock. She continued to kiss him for a second before pulling back.

“Kurt, I can’t figure anything out if you just sit there,” she said a bit crossly. Kissing a rock wouldn’t accomplish anything

“Vhat…,” he licked his lips “Vhat to you vant me to do?” he asked fearfully and a little stunned. That was his first kiss and it had come out of nowhere.

“Kiss me back,” she said simply.

He looked at her in surprise before grinning devilishly. This time he was the one to start things, leaning close, he tried to convey what he had been feeling for years.

Kitty moaned softly at the amazing feelings that were building up in her body. She could feel his fangs as they kissed and rather than disgust her, she realized they excited her. She shivered slightly in pleasure as she felt his tail wrap around her waist and pull her closer, deepening the kiss. Yes, she could definitely say now that she was attracted to Kurt Wagner.

Their kiss broke and they stood there silently staring at each other.


We need to do that again, they both thought.

Kurt had a silly grin on his face and Kitty imagined her face held a similar expression.

“Yo Kurt?” a voice called out loudly causing them both to jump and blush furiously.

Evan was peeking around the building walls looking for them. He spotted them rather quickly. “Dude, your waffles are getting cold.”

“We’re coming Evan. Kurt was just letting me get some air,” Kitty said quickly. She tugged Kurt with her and having no choice, the furry teen followed her back into the restaurant. They quickly made their way back to their seats and sat down.

Once they had been seated, Kurt squirmed uncomfortably. He was sitting next to a girl he had just been kissing but the girl in question was acting like nothing was happening, chatting along with her friends. He ate mechanically, his thoughts, a huge mess. Did she like him? Did someone actually find him attractive? Or was that just a thank you? Were they a couple now? Or was she just experimenting? His angel had asked him not to jump to conclusions, but this was driving him crazy!

He turned his head to ask Kitty to explain things and had to fight the urge to pound his head against the table. Kitty had fallen completely asleep, her face a picture of innocence, her head resting on his shoulder. She did not just leave me hanging like that, he thought annoyed. He sighed, and decided to just let her be. He could wait till tomorrow for an answer, right?


Kitty awoke the next morning with only a slight head ache. She yawned widely and stretched he arms into the air as she sat up. Last night was great, she thought. The dancing had been amazing and couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a partner who could keep up with her. Then there had been that absolutely horrid excuse for a party. She had embarrassed herself in front of all her friends she knew and then they had gone to Denny’s and she had kissed-.

Oh my god! I kissed Kurt! She realized with surprise, but right before she began to freak out, she paused.

I kissed Kurt, she thought more calmly. I kissed him and…and I liked it? She thought about the kiss and how it felt, blushing brightly. Yep, definitely liked it. She concluded with a dreamy smile on her face.

I should probably go find him, she realized. She got up from her bed slipped into something comfortable. Since it was Saturday, she figured she could just have a lazy day and hang out around the house. She phased through her door, careful not to wake Rogue, who was still out like a light. She quickly made her way to Kurt’s room and knocked on the door. It opened and a very tired blue elf stood in the doorway, huge circles under his eyes.

“Wow Kurt, did you get, like, any sleep at all?” Kitty asked a little worried.

“Nein, Katzchen, I did not,” Kurt sighed, exhausted. He hadn’t slept a wink; he’d been too worried about that kiss. “Vould you like to come in?” he asked. She nodded and the two of them made their way to his bed.

They stared at each other silently for a few moments neither willing to break the silence. Well, if I never ask, I’ll never know, he thought.

“Keety, I’ve been trying to avoid conclusions, but I need to know vhat zat vas last night,” he finally said.

Kitty blushed, “Um…a kiss?” she said hesitantly.

Kurt growled, “I know that, but vhat did it mean?”

Kitty groped around for an explanation. “Well… I was trying to figure out if I was attracted to you romantically,” she said without meeting his eye.

“Are -” he began but then he shook his head bitterly. “Never mind, zere is no vay zat you vould be.”

“What do you mean?” Kitty asked confused.

“Look at me Keety,” He said, standing up and spreading his arms. “I'm don’t look human and I never vill. I have three pronged hands and feet, a spaded tail, fangs, and am covered in blue fur. No one could be attracted to me. Vhy I ever deluded myse-.”

“I am.”

Kurt paused mid word. “You’re vhat?” he asked uncomprehendingly

Kitty looked up am made eye contact with him. “I am attracted to you Kurt. I think you’re cute, witty, and kind. Your appearance does not disgust me. In fact I think you look more attractive in this form than with your holo-watch. I have always been a fan of the tail and I love to stroke your fur. I actually liked kissing you and feeling your fangs and having your arms wrapped around me feels so comforting.

Kurt’s jaw felt dislocated. There was no way anyone, let alone his Katzchen was saying these words, it was just too good to be true. He swallowed. “Keety, are you positive about zis?”

Kitty closed her eyes and thought about his question for a long moment. When she opened her eyes, Kurt could see no doubt in them. “Yes, I am sure. I would like to have a relationship with you Kurt.”

Kurt’s face broke into the largest grin she had ever seen. He sat back down and pulled Kitty into his arms. He held her tightly, not believing that his angel returned his feelings.

“Thank you.”

“You welcome, Fuzzy,” she said softly.

Slowly they leaned together until their lips met. This time was just as amazing as the first. If she had known that kissing Kurt would feel this amazing, Kitty would have hooked up with him a long time ago. The kiss began to slowly grow more passionate and things began to get a bit more heated, approaching a point that neither of them would have been ready to cross had either been thinking clearly. Thankfully Kurt’s stomach saved the day as it let its emptiness be known.

They pulled apart, breathing hard as Kurt blushed a darker shade of blue.

“You need some food,” Kitty said as she glanced down at his still rumbling belly.

“Ja,” he agreed, still embarrassed.

Kitty politely turned her back to him as he began to pull on some clean clothes for the day. “I'm glad everything clear now, but I can’t understand why you were surprised that I was attracted to you. Surely your last girlfriend told you that she thought you were handsome.”

“Vhat girlfriend?” he asked puzzlement in his voice as he pulled his new shirt over his head.

“The one that taught you how to kiss, I have to say I was pretty impressed. You were far better than Lance,” she said with a giggle remembering her old boyfriend’s clumsy kisses.

“Liebchen, you vere mein first kiss,” I don’t know vhat you’re talking about,” Kurt replied.

Kitty glanced at him in surprise. Wow, if he can kiss like that with no practice… she left the thought hanging with a shiver of anticipation.

“C’mon Fuzzy. Let’s get some food,” she said, turning around.

He smiled and grabbed her hand and with a bamf, teleported them both away.


Author’s Note

And so that my friends is the first chapter of my first fic. Altogether I thought it was a good first attempt.

Pls let me know what you think!