Based on the rules of English football

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Xpert Eleven is a football manager game where you manage a fictitious football team. The thought behind the game is that you compete with your friends in a league that you create yourselves. You manage your team/teams in good times as well as bad. Your tasks consist of selecting your team and working out some cunning tactical moves.
For those of you who dont know what this is, its basically a fantasy football league where by fans of anime can enter and play as the manager of a make believe team. You can base it around a real team or make one completely from scratch. Interested? Just post in here and you'll be given the details about how to join.

Ok guys the first season of "Anime League" has ended, the winning sides for both divisions can be found below! I'd like to thank you all for an awesome first season and lets hope the first of many.

Basically this topic is designed to get some feedback from the past season and also to try and recruit some new managers and members into the league to make it bigger and better.

There was a few inactive managers which im afraid unless become very active very soon will be deleted.

Here's the end results!

First Division "The Anime League"

Second Division

All those who have received a pm from either myself or other members and wish to join the league or learn a little more about it and how to play please respond to this topic with something like I wanna play!

For those certain they wanna play heres a step by step guide as to how to join:

1. Firstly go to and register a new account. This is fairly simple and straight forward.

2. Ok now you have an account congrats, now simply go to the search tab on the left hand side panel and wait for the new page to load.

3. Once the search page has loaded you'll find three sections, you'll need the first one titled LeagueID, in that box you'll need to type in the following code which is unique to the anime league: 216478

4. Now you'll see the home page for the league, from here you can either click "apply for a new team" or "apply to take over an already existing team". After that you'll just need confirmation from either myself or one of the assistants and your in! XD