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Thread: Original Fiction: The Blood red Contest-Part 1

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    Post Original Fiction: The Blood red Contest-Part 1

    ****This story was written back and forth between two people. If some parts seem to be weird or just not
    understandable we apologize ^_^ We tend to write things only we understand without Detail.****

    *Intro* "Ever wonder why People tend to stay away from Contests?
    Here we have 10 people...well...mostly...All chiping in to win a new
    house. The to stay in a haunted house for a year...
    whoever lasts the longest without -Freaking out- Wins the house. Can
    they handle it?....Or will they all die of fright! They all are about
    to get the scare of their lives.....They just dont see it yet"

    Chapter 1

    *Jenn slowly steps out of the limo & looks at the house* "Oh gawd...this is the place we are staying?...i thought it would be much better then an old dump!"
    *Description* -Jenn is the class Hottie. All the guys love her looks and she loves the attention even more. Shes moving into this house to have HUGE Parties but
    she hates everyone that says shes ugly & She knows the people shes with now hate her. Is she planing something in that Beautiful head of hers?.-

    *Natasha* "Ah c'mon Jenn... you see they tricked us.. geez... my clothes is going to get dirty!"
    *Description* -Natasha is the best friend of Jenn. Barbie look, pink hair. Takes everything seriously and could say really stupid. LIKES to steal things which
    are better than hers... or her... there was a girl who was teasing her non-stop and one day Natasha pushed her in some aley and beat her up for making fun of her... Is she
    going to do something to them?-

    *John sticks his umbrella out the Limo and steps out* "Dump?...more like...paradise"
    *Description* -John is the goth boy dressed in black and never wears anything else. He never smiles nor does anything with others. Hes moving into this house to...
    well...Goths love Scary places....what more to say. Oh! Yes! He hates everyone thats not like him. He just got back from a Goth convention and has a weird plan for his new
    stay in the house. Does his plan include everyone?.-

    *Ben* "Lol, Paradise? This is sooo the best thing I ever saw!! *Steps slowly out* I'm taking the biggest room!!!"
    *Description* -A Computer freak. Computer's everything what's in his head. He even thought once to make a Computer Girlfriend. Else, he took the biggest room in
    house cuz of all his Computer stuff. HATES when someone touches his computer... once... his girlfriend wanted to see something on his computer as he choped off her hands...
    Will he play inocent until someone touches his computer?-

    William steps out the limo holding Carly "You ok darling?"
    *Description* -Loves to Help even though he asks for only a few things. After his EX GF left her baby with him he spent all his days caring for her never leaving
    her side.-

    *Carly* "Yes daddy...just tired"
    *Description* -Carly was given away when she was a baby to William. She calls william Daddy & treats him as if hes her true father. Shes coming to this house cuz
    William wants her to come....He wants to play with her more & have fun. She never told anyone but last month while her father was out She stabed his current Girl friend because
    Carly didnt like her...and if she didnt like her...she wasnt fit to be with him...nor live to tell about it-

    *William looks at the house* "Oh wow...they wernt lying when they said Haunted looking house"
    *Chloe steps out* "Ah c'mon.. shut up.. don't go on my nerves now.. you all are like "Whoa.. what a big house bla bla"
    *Description* -Punker, althought she is the one who will help if you need her. Sometimes she knows to be really a badass but only if you go on her nerves. Unknown
    reason why she want's to live in that house. She once went on a camp with her friends from school... they ALL were teasing and going on her nerves when she exploded and took
    knife... with which... she killed all... oddly no one discovered what happened... Will she couse the panic in house? And kill people again?-

    *Jenn looks at John and rolls her eyes* "Its not raining you freak...put away the umbrella"
    Danijela steps out the limo looking around "Nice house... even nicer graveyard..."
    *Description* -To someone known as Graveyard keeper ... Likes Graveyards and big houses. Came in this house cuz she wants her peace and live for once without parents.
    Nice, sweet and mostly quiet when in big groups.-

    *Adam waves from his bike as he rides up to the house* "Hello all...Nice day lol..."
    *Decription* - Adam loves to make everyone laugh. Even if its something sad & Painful he'll try seeing you in a smile. Hes coming to this house to make everyone laugh with
    scary ideas. Adam keeps the Laughing up to hide the fact hes rather Crazy. He choped off the head of his bear at 5 and kept it as a lucky gift. Can he be planing something for everyone
    thats not so Funny?.-

    *Natasha* "Just don't say we have a freak in here... Gawd!!"
    William slowly walks to the house But john stops me *John* "Hey my friend...That not empty...*Points to an open window* *William looks*
    *Adam* "O well..House sold lol Better luck next game lol"
    Danijela passes by you two "Nope... it's just the boss who was here. He opened it..."
    *Chloe* "Wait... what?! What do you mean by sold?!! OMG!!...."
    *Antony* "Hey ppl... don't forget me... *looks down*"
    *Description* -The shy and really sweet guy. Whatever you search from him, he will give to you. LOVES to help people also and he came here... well... his sister Natasha
    wanted him to come with us. Rather odd guy... but always hides he likes to torture people... he once killed his cat... with tieing her legs wide open for some machine... Maybe he's going
    to do the same in house?-

    William follows Danijela as he looks back and sees John drawing a weird Sign on the stairs "Hmm...Danijela? is anyone home? "
    Danijela opens the door "No, maybe's the boss here but I don't think so"
    *Carly* "Daddy i have to pee..." *William* "Ok darling lets go...find the...bathroom" *William walks into the dark house*
    *Jenn* "No way am i going in that dirt trap..." *Sun starts to set as it gets dark out* "Uhh...guys?...." *wolves howl* "WAIT FOR ME!!!" *Runs inside!*
    *Natasha* "C'mon Antony!! Geez!! Don't just stay there!!" *Antony* "Ok ok sis!! I'm coming... *Looks down and heads to house*"
    *Adam laughs as he makes a wolf howl again & follows us in*
    *Chloe* "-_-... what idiots... they're going on my nerves... *gets in*"
    *Ben* "Woooheee... spooky and cool *gets in*"
    *John puts away his umbrella and follows us in* "To bad....its a great night....Is everyone in?"
    *Jenn* "Why do you care? >.>"
    *Chloe* "No..... -_- Jenn... shut up... No... Danijela isn't here...."
    *Ben runs upstairs to look for the biggest room*
    *Antony sits on sofa and just looks down*
    *Natasha* "Ewww... Antony! How can you sit on that!! Gosh!! It's so dirty!"
    *Jenn sighs* "Where the bathroom...i need more makeup...." *Heads to the bathroom*
    *Natasha* "Hey Jenn!! Wait for me!! *Runs after Jenn*"
    *Adam looks around* "Nice....Creepy....i like it....ha...ahha....hahaha...."
    William comes back downstairs with Carly "Is everyone ok?...everyones in?"
    *Ben yells from upstairs* "Yuhuuu!!! I FOUND IT!! The biggest room!!!"
    William jumps "Ugh...plz...dont scream"
    *Chloe* "For the last effing time NO!! Danijela's still outside geez... and you Ben shut up!"
    *Antony* " don't... lik...e tha..t... *Looks down and blushes*"
    William Oh *Peeks outside* Danijela? scared? Come on...we all are here dont worry *Holds out hand*
    Danijela *Takes your hand* No.. I'm not scared.. I just.. was.. looking... at Graveyard...
    William sees 4 graves "Oh?..why?..."
    *Ben takes his stuff to his room*
    Danijela I.. dk... *Goes inside with you*
    *Chloe* "I'm going to search for my room... *Goes upstairs*"
    *Antony* "Wait... Chloe.. I'm... I'm... *Gulps* going with you..."
    -As we all get in the Door SLAMS shut & Doesnt open again *Locked*-
    William Ack! *Jumps*
    -Everyone comes running down- "What was that!!"
    Danijela O_O.... *Doesn't move*
    *Chloe* "The door got shut what else... duhh..."
    William looks at everyone "th-the itself"
    *Natasha* "Shut? What do you mean by that?!! Slammed by itself?!! Oh my Gawd!"
    Danijela tries to open the door "It's locked... Guess we are stuck here..."
    William takes Carly upstairs to find our room

    *Inside Description of the house* -The inside of the house was as worse as the outside. Though it
    had a weird feel to it...Like it was...intresting. The main hall had 4 doors. 2 on the left...2 on the
    right...& one in the back. The Livingroom and Library was on the left. As for the right...was the study room..
    and well...a boarded up door that couldnt be open...& The kitchen was in the back...The stairs were in the study
    that led up stairs to the rooms.-

    *John* "Hmm...Seems we have some....Unexpected guests >:}"
    *Natasha* "Jenn the 2 of us is going to sleep in the same room!! *Shivers*"
    *Chloe* "Unexpected guests my ***!..."
    *Jenn* "Only if i get your hair dye tomorrow"
    *Antony comes down the stairs* "Ben... is up... making his room... I found mine too... *Looks down*"
    Danijela goes upstairs and checks on rooms
    *Adam slides down the railing* "Found my Room...My room has a few secrets "
    *Carly SCREAMS from a room!!*
    *Natasha* "Ppl.. will we have here a cook?..." *Natasha screams* "You moron!! Don't scare my beauty like this!!"
    Carly...? *Runs into her room*
    -Everyone runs to the Scream filled room-
    William Shhh shhh Darling its ok *Holds her & Looks at everyone* She open the Closet & a skeleton fell on her
    *Carly crys into Daddy's chest*
    *Adam* "Glad it wasnt me...But if it i get that Crying spot from Jenn? lol"
    Danijela moves the skeleton as she comes up to you 2
    *Jenn* "Oh plz >.>" *Rolls her eyes*
    *Chloe* "Idiots... *Walks away in her room*"
    -Everyone goes back to what they were doing-
    Danijela Need any help William?... *Looks at you*
    William Nahh its Ok...She just gets scared easily...Hmm? *Hears Carly whispering to him* "Oh? sure?..but i dont think...Uhh Danijela?...Carly wants you to hold her...idk why"
    Danijela *Picks her up* Yes Carly?
    William Aww i think ill go check on everyone *Leaves*
    *Carly Whispers in your ear* "I know what you're trying to do but give it arnt geting my dad...and if you try anything...i will kill you...i promise that" *Jumps down & Runs downstairs with Daddy*
    Danijela *Looks at her* What the... weird...
    *Ben yells happy* "YAY!!! My PC's are ready!!!!!!"
    *Natasha* "I am going to sleep... My face needs a refresh from all of you.... *leaves*"
    *Chloe* "I'm going to cook something..."
    William heads down stairs & Sits with everyone eating pizza
    Danijela closes her room door as she goes down but there's no place for her to sit
    *Adam burps* "Yumm...Thats 12...You cant beat that ben Say bye bye to your High score"
    *Jenn rolls her eyes & whispers* "She came >.>"
    *Ben* "Who? My score? What do you want?! I ate 20 "
    *Chloe* "Everyone's going to wash their plate... I can cook but I'm not a maid..."
    -This house has Many secrets...even ones...No one can explain *Eyes on a picture thats above the kitchen door move as they watch everyone eating*-
    William looks at everyone "So...Uhh...Does anyone else feel we are being watched?"
    *Carly climbs into Daddy's lap & eats pizza*
    William gets up "I uhh...have to go to the bathroom"
    *Jenn gets up* "Im going to bed...i hate all of you" *Leaves*
    *Chloe* "I hate you too Barbie *****..."
    Danijela looks through a window as it rains outside and thunder and lighting can be heard and seen
    *Carly slowly comes up behind you with a knife* "..........Here! you droped this" *Gives you the knife*
    *Looks at her* Ohh yeah... Thanks... *Takes it*
    *Ben* "Well... PC awaits me " *Runs upstairs in his room*
    *John comes in & Gets a knife* "ill need this for later...if you dont mind...The hour is almost near" *Leaves*
    *Carly runs up stairs as William comes back down*
    William Everyone left?
    Danijela 's still looking through the window
    William Something wrong?
    William looks around "Wheres Carly?"
    Danijela She went upstairs...
    *Antony* "Night you 3..." *Leaves*
    *Adam* "Well...Time for bed...Whats that?...Yes i know...its medicine time..." *Runs up stairs*
    William Well i guess its time for bed...Im gonna go get my hat *Heads to the Livingroom*
    *Chloe* "I finished with the cleaning... Night" *Leaves*
    Danijela heads to the living room too "It's still 11 pm... I'm going to read some book... then go to sleep..."
    William Hmm?...Thats odd...*Looks around* Wheres my hat? it is *Picks it up off the floor*
    William im off to bed i careful...*Leaves to his room & sees Carly sleeping under the covers already* Aww Night Darling
    Danijela takes some book as she sits on a couch and reads it as only clock can be heard *Tick*Tock*Tick*Tock*
    William hears noises Coming from Jenn's room next to his *Jenn* " will...AHH!! William you dirty man! "
    William What the....O_o
    Danijela stays in front of the Jenn's door quiet with open mouth as her heart beats fast
    William *Carly* "Daddy...i have to go pee....Take me plz!!"
    William Alright *Opens the door and takes Carly down the hall to the bathroom*
    Danijela jams the door of her room hard as she sits down crying
    *Carly flushes the Toilet & comes out* All done
    William Alright *Heads to bed with Carly as he hears more noises next door *Jenn* "What?...You arnt!...GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!...GAWD!!!...I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!"
    William -_- Night carly
    William & Carly go to sleep
    Danijela goes undercover as she fall asleep
    -*Someone*- *Opens the door in darkness* "Oh?...back for more ehh?....Well you arnt getting anything from me!...*Gets Stabed in the stomach and falls to the
    floor as the door closes quietly* "*Trys to get up and crawls a little but gets stabed in the neck falling over*.....*Passes out...and dies
    as the clock reads 2am* -
    -So now it gets good with a twist to a friend...Their dear life came to an immediate end. Do you know who did this mysterious crime? sure you good time...-

    "Sadly its comeing yes you knew, This is the end...To be continued"

    William & Danijela's work Story made by us Pictures found on google
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    -The Sign Painter currently has a story going in his to look?....- -Profile picture- "Mia"
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