Howdy~ ;3

It's about time I spread myself from AU, AK, and I'm trying out a few new communities, such as this one. ;O

Just a quick little run over about me~:

I, for inside joke reasons, am the Great Drunk Queen of Womanliness, Communism, and Awesome. ;D Psshya. Be in awe. Bow down to me, filthy commoners! >8D

...So yeah. My favorite anime/manga/webcomic-thingo at the time is Hetalia Axis Powers~ :3 I love writing fanfics and cosplaying~ and might post some crap up here. ;O Key word: MIGHT.

Anywhozles, if anyone here knows French, say hi, because I will feel extrememly happy indeed~~ <3 <3 <3
[while on the topic of the language of looooove~<3......Salut! :3 Je m'appelle Amy! Comment tu t'appelles? ouo ]