It's that tiiiiiiiiime again! Classes start for me again next week, so I wanted to get some walls up before I get swamped.

Please read these rules before submitting. If you do not follow the rules, your wall will not be submitted. For example, if you post 3 walls all of your posts will be deleted. If everyone else can follow the rules, so can you ^-^

Rules for Submitting:
1) you can only submit one (1) wallpaper

2) you must have "" written clearly on the wallpaper, like on the bottom

3) The wallpaper must be 1024x768 and the file size must be reasonable. Walls should not be over 300k (it would be too big to upload and it is not necissary to be that large)

4) It must be anime or game related (ie, if it is on already, it's okay&#33. Also, state which anime or game it's for. if it's already on, write the name down EXACTLY like it is at (ie Agent Aika instead of Aika; it saves confusion).

5) I have the right to deny putting the wallpaper on I will tell you why it wasn't submitted.

6) please include your user name the genre (anime, game) and the name of the series. email and website URL are optional

7) Do not post anything other than your wallpaper on here. This means no comments, no cretiques! nothing but wallpapers. (saves on space)

8) all other rules of not stated here still apply.

The thread will be closed on Feb 6th at midnight CST. Happy posting!