/Throw clothes and packed boxes around and sit on your couch.

Allow me to throw my things around and Introduce myself. My name is Yuu-Mon Musuedo, Yuu or if you wish to get cute with it, Yuu-kun will do. (Get cute with it <3)

I signed up because I thought it was time to find a new hideout (forum) after my best one was destoryed by the forces of vBulletin® for hiding illegal ecchi pictures. Oh... and lack of money they had over there to support it. Heh, heh...

I am a nerd/geek, and pretty much proud of it. I'm a proud slave/player to Final Fantasy XI until XIV. I like anime of course, currently in love with Hunter x Hunter, but I also like to play video games and sprite animate for fun.

So, how is everyone? I hope I actually get some friends who ain't Elvaans and Galka! Ahahaha.... uh... A little... FFXI's joke. Because most friends online are from there, and... uh, Galka are a race and........ SUP!