*Tsuki* experiments with rhyming again! Look out. ^.^ Oddly enough, all the poems that I've written while rhyming were love poems or something close to. This is no exception in case you are wondering. XD So, be prepared to be thrown into the mind of a young girl as she writes a poem about a promise that lasts a lifetime (That's not actually the poem, I'm actually talking about myself, but that is a good idea for a poem. . . hmm . . . *starts coming up with a new poem in her head* XD) The first part could be considered a flashback, but you could also argue that it is a change in time instead of just a flashback. It really depends on how you look at it. ^_^ Oh, and in the second to last stanza, I do drop the rhyming. I would have continued, but I got kinda lazy and I really wanted to just write what I had. >.< Well, hope you like it and thanks for reading. ^^ *Tsuki*

Promise Place

Fireflies that light the night sky,
river water rushing by.
A fullmoon that reflects the light,
trees grow up to be a sight.

Our secret place away from them,
a place where we can hide.
A pile of rocks that reaches so high,
we climb to the top together.

Stand up tall and call out our names,
fall down laughing; creating new games.
Not letting the outside get to our hearts,
this is where our relationship starts.

A promise to always be there for the other,
no matter what the problem.
Bruises and scratches heal in time,
but our love refuses to falter.

We grow out of playing games in the sand,
but never let go of the other's hand.
Go to the place where it all began,
touching everything that we can.

The little tree that grew so much bigger,
is the place we stop to rest.
We're much older now than we were back then;
our grandkids waiting at home.

Old problems that seemed so bad at the time,
are now long forgotten troubles.
But the promise we made so long ago,
is still fresh and clear in our minds.

For all we can say are three simple words,
over and over again.
I love you, I love you, I love you,
forever and ever my dear.