You know the drill:
A decision has been made to allow a single active post game in miscellaneous. We need your help to determine what game that should be. In this thread, you may post exactly one (1) nomination per person. It should include:

* The title of the game.
* A short description of the game.

Later, after the nominations have been screened for inappropriate entries, there will be a vote. Every couple of weeks, we will repeat the process to allow a new game.

The thread will be closed during screening, but up to that point, you do get to edit your entry as much as you want.

Nominate new games here. You may re-nominate the losers of the previous round if you want, but the winner doesn't get to play until the next round of nominations.

Keep in mind that the previous round's winner is not a valid nomination this round. The following previously winning games are however valid nominations now:

The random mash buttons and make a sentence game
All Replies Must Be in the Form of a Question
Word Association game

(as well as any old nomination that didn't win)