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    Default Crow's Claw

    Crow's Claw

    Not much is really to be said about Crow's Claw. They are a band whose main purpose is to create cover songs and original material for Eagle Games and Circle Island. Essentially, they have provided music for quite a few well known Japanese doujin games [yes, visual novels included] in the past. These include fate/stay night, Melty Blood, and so forth. They've also created original material, covered other songs, and done Final Fantasy Arranges. They are an instrumental band, with no vocals. Their music, however, never ranges outside rock, and normally ranges from hard rock to heavy metal. They are truly an amazing Japanese band.

    Some Preview Songs:

    Albums Released:

    ■ PAEG-0009 Brutal Games For Reminding Of Death

    01.Immortal Madness
    02.What You Think
    03.Solitude Of Descendant
    04.Hibernation Sickness
    05.Common State Of Innocent Violence
    06.Mimetic Flower
    07.How Does If Feel To Be Alive?
    08.Green Of Green Eyes
    09.Puppet Of The Magus, Pt.2 : Lost My Lover
    10.Puppet Of The Magus, Pt.2 : Doll In Your Hand

    Toho Project Heavy Metal Arrange Album

    2008/12/29 Released

    ■ PAEG-0008 Crossfire Barrage

    01. Scarlet Devil
    02. Mountain Of Faith
    03. Crossfire Barrage
    04. Extend Sky
    05. Twin Crescent
    06. Selaginella 9
    07. Puppet Of The Magus, Pt.1
    08. Necro Phantasia
    09. Still Winter
    10. Gray Thaumaturgy

    Toho Project Heavy Metal Arrange Album

    2008/05/25 Released

    ■ PAEG-0007 Frozen Frog

    01. Maid, Blood, R'N'R
    02. Night Bug
    03. Crow Called Windgirl
    04. Mastersparkin'
    05. Puppetmaster's Love
    06. Mystery Metropolis
    07. Chicken Jam!
    08. Check Your Blood
    09. R'N'R 1969
    10. Cirno Blues

    Toho Project Southern Metal Arrange Album

    2007/12/31 Released

    ■ PAEG-0006 Scythe Of Hell

    01. Never Hope
    02. Scythe Of Hell
    03. Castle Of The East
    04. Ancient Assault
    05. Absolute Power
    06. Swordman On The Gold Sanddue
    07. The Distorted
    08. Fear Of The Deep Ocean

    Ragnarok Battle Offline HR/HM Arrange Album

    2007/01/01 Released

    ■ PAEG-0005 Parental Advisory Explicit Guitar

    01. Wake Up!
    02. Born To Bleed
    03. Parental Advisory Explicit Guitar
    04. 月下秋風
    05. Leader Of
    06. Burn Out
    07. Remember 1208
    08. Merciless Machine
    09. 200km/h
    10. New Standard(Long Ver.)
    11. Leader Acoustic

    Original Full Album

    2006/08/13 Released

    ■ PAEG-0003 Broken Phantasm

    01. Opening -Die Lorelei-
    02. Possession
    03. Countdown Zero
    04. Thousand Chain
    05. Vermillion Red
    06. Nrvnqsr:The Number Of The Beast
    07. This Illusion
    08. Rogres
    09. Broken Phantasm
    10. Days

    Type-Moon HR/HM Arrange Album

    2005/12/30 Released

    ■ PAEG-0002 Battlefield 1987

    01. Liberi Fatali
    02. Battle1 #3
    03. The Decisive Battle #5
    04. Battlefield 1987
    05. The Dark Crystals
    06. Burining Big Bridge
    07. The Place I'll Return To Someday
    08. The Desicive Battle #6
    09. Dancing Mad
    10. Roar, The Moon
    11. Evil Load Ex.Death *
    * Bonus Track

    Final Fantasy HR/HM Arrange Album

    2005/08/14 Released

    ■ PAEG-0001 十七分割

    01. 月下
    02. 予感
    03. Midnight Raider
    04. Nowhere
    05. 訣別 (JOYH-TV Rmx)
    06. 激突する魂...疾風の剣士
    07. Emergency Occurrence (P.A.E.G. Rmx)
    08. The end of 1000 years
    09. エミヤ
    10. 光と闇
    11. 訣別 *
    12. Emergency Occurrence *
    * Bonus Track

    Type-Moon HR/HM Arrange Album

    2004/12/30 Released

    ■ PAEG-0000 CROW'SCLAW

    01. Ruinmessenger
    02. Those Who Chosen By The Planet...The Birth Of God
    03. The Battle2 #5
    04. Down To Big Bridge
    05. Tina's Theme
    06. Evil Load Ex.Death
    07. The Last Battle #5
    08. Maybe I'm A Leo
    09. 銀-竜-戦
    10. Evil Load Ex.Death(Web Edit) *
    * Bonus Track

    Final Fantasy HR/HM Arrange Album

    2004/05/02 Released


    01. Hot Rod / S.S.H. / Drive With 'Godspeed'
    02. PHOENIX SWORD Inst Ver / 平松 俊紀
    03. Drive Ignition / Better half
    04. Ayahuasca / Jesus is Dead
    05. Black Label / MyonMyon
    06. Kick Your *** / CROW'SCLAW
    07. Adrenaline Shooting / Demetori
    08. mirror / serenade

    Dojin Music Heavy Metal Fes Album

    2007/08/17 Released

    ■ PAEG-0004 Leader Of[EP]

    01. Leader Of
    02. New Standard(Short Edit)
    03. Burn Out(Demo)
    04. Not For All

    Original EP from 5th Album

    2006/04/29 Released

    Finalized Note: For those curious about this band, who have found them to their liking, ask me for albums and part of/the entire discography. The only album i'm actually missing is the first, which is the original EP.

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