I haven't watched this anime series in about 10 years, and yesterday some of my friends were talking about anime and I thought about this show and I felt really nostalgic. Now I'd really like to find that anime show again just to feel what I felt when I was a youngling.

I don't remember much so bear with me.

There were three main characters, I think. They were all guys. One of them had a red outfit (i think this guy had short black hair), the other blue (i think he had long blonde hair), and the other green (long brown hair? not sure). I think there was an animal associated with each of the characters. I think the blue guy was associated with a swan. The green guy - a dragon? And I can't remember what the red guy was associated with.

I don't remember the plot much, but basically they go around and kill bad guys without any weapons. They just used their fists and powers. Oh and I think during a point in the story they had to kill a bad dude at each of the five oceans or something like that.

Again, I'm not 100% sure on any of the details I provided above because it's been long since I last saw that anime. But please try to help! Thanks!