The man knew how everything ended. It had been this way since he had awakened, ever since something--whether it was god or the devil, had decided that this was where he was to begin. The man had possessed another man's body, he now entertained every thought, dream, and memory the man had ever held. The man's name was Baud Cliff; a waiter on a sinking cruise ship that had long since given up on escape. This was not who the man really was, he was well within comfort knowing this was the body of another man and not he--in fact the man had plenty of time possessing other men to contemplate the very nature of his existence.

The man took the time to reflect, while water began pooling around Baud Cliff's expensive dress shoes. Baud Cliff would die, and he would be the man to lead him to his death. The man knew this, because he knew how everything ended. Some consolation could be found in that the excitement leading to Baud's demise was entirely up to him now, the new man. Baud's features cracked into a wide smile--the man still had a job to do.

Baud's expensive shoes carried him through tight hallways on the extravagant cruise ship, climbing up at a slant as the ship had already taken in much water. An explosion of images seared it's way into Baud's eyes, causing the man possessing him to cry out in shock and stumble in his ascent. The man fell to his knees and held his head in both hands. He began gently sobbing, ever while still wearing the same smile. The man knew exactly how it was to be now.

Guided by above or below, the man did not know. His expensive shoes carried him forward, cutting sharp left--Baud knew the layout of the ship well. The man raced through twisting hallways, flickering lights from high chandeliers garbed the once relaxing hallways in a tinge of gloominess. The man was as sad as his surroundings that the end would come so soon. Baud's smile grew with every step. Up ahead was the last turn.

He turned sharply, just in time. The automatic doors of the cruise ship malfunctioned and cut into Baud Cliff's shoulders, the mechanism began to hiss as it hit bone. Baud grunted and lifted his hands to either side of him, holding the door open as long as he could. A woman with her crying son in tow came racing down the hallway. She stopped, face tear-stricken at her predicament and considered the waiter holding the door open for her with his body.

Baud gritted his teeth and growled, "Go! Hurry!"

The woman didn't speak, instead she nodded her head vigorously and raced pass Baud, ducking under his arm and dragging her son behind her. She glanced over her shoulder as she continued racing down the hallways of the cruise ship.

"Go!" the man cried.

The woman disappeared into the cruise ship. The man smiled and sank to his knees, blood running from his lips and down his chin. The man began to laugh. He knew this would be how it would end. With him, on his knees, kindly giving his life for another. The man was satisfied, and left Baud Cliff who had long ago given up. The lifeless body was still.