I'm new to this forum and I want to share you my story. I'm only at Chapter 5 right now, but I'm updating really fast. So I hope you can read it.
Chapter 1 – Rendezvous

Keywords :
MunicipalSchool A school representing a certain province. For example Tokyo, Tokyo has Tokyo High School.
Koshien A very important stadium wherein the National Tournaments of all kinds of sports in Japan are held.
Middle SchoolJapanese education ranges from Preschool to College. Preschool then Grade School then Middle School then High School and lastly college.
Ittekimasu – A Japanese word roughly translates as “I’m off” or “I’m leaving!”.
Obento – Japanese word for packed lunch.
Yoroshuku Onegaishimasu A Japanese phrase that is usually said after introductions and roughly meaning – “Please take care of me”, “Please be kind to me”, or sometimes “Pleasure to meet you.”.
Sumimasen – A Japanese word which roughly means Sorry, or Excuse me.

In the small town of Kamihana, lived a family of peasants under the family name of Takezawa. Among the family was a high school student named Takashi. During these times, it was very hard for a peasant family to enroll their children into a private school. But luckily, due to Takashi’s parent’s hard work. He was able to get into high school.

Takashi was enrolled in the municipal high school, meaning, the Kamihana High School. Kamihana High School is a very prestigious school. Even though it’s a municipal school, it is worthy of being called a private school. Kamihana High is very famous in all rounds of school activities including softball, baseball and tennis. Not only does it have the athletes to reach Koshien, it is also known for its ability to make scholars out of simple minded individuals. That way, Takashi was really lucky to be actually accepted into the school.

The day of Takashi’s first high school life begins, and the dawn of the unexpected story of his life unravels . . . .

“Takashi!” A voice yelled into the piercing darkness. “Wake up! You’re gonna be late for school!”. The voice continued.

On the bed is a 16 year old teenager, whose hair is in the color of chestnut leaves. He slowly stood up from his bed. When he got up, he walked towards the window and opened it.

“Aaaah! The morning breeze…, I can’t believe that today is the start of my high school life.” He said as his azure eyes wanders around the beautiful sight of the city beyond him. “I hope it’s nothing compared to what I experienced in middle school.” He said as he sighed. He looked towards his clocked and noticed it was already 5 minutes before school. He looked at it in awe… Then after a few seconds…

“WHAAAAAAAAAAT~?!” He shouted. “5 minutes before school?! Geez, I better hurry up, I don’t want to be late for school on the first day!”. He immediately took a shower and put on his school uniform. He stood for a minute in front of the mirror. Looking at the amazing uniform, he felt he was really a high school student. It was way different from what Middle Schoolers wear, now he is in High School, he would usually wear a polo shirt with a tie and another long sleeved jacket. But still, since it is winter, the uniforms in Japan are dependent on the season.

Takashi rushed down from his room, passed down the hallway and onto the door.

Ittekimasu!” He yelled.

“Oh, Takashi-kun, did you bring your obento?” Her mother said as she took a peek at Takashi who is leaving the house.

“My my! Takashi-kun, you’ve grown so old now! You look like your father now.” She said, “Takashi-kun, I hope you will be happy on your high school life…” Takashi’s mother said with a smile.

Takashi just looked into her mother’s eyes and nod his head.

“Then…, I’m off.” Takashi said as he left the house.

Kamihana High School is just a short walk away from Takeshi’s house. So, even though he was late, he still made it in time for the opening ceremony.

When he reached the campus grounds, he was welcomed by the Welcome Committee, and he was redirected to the gymnasium. Hundreds of students, of the same age as Takeshi, sat on the chairs. Of course, Takashi being his self, he just sat down on a chair, far from the crowd. Minutes passed and the gymnasium was slowly filling up. After five minutes, the gymnasium was almost full.

“Is this seat taken…?” A voice said.

Takashi looked in the direction where the voice was from. And he saw, a very pretty girl.

“Uh…, No…” Takashi mumbled.

Saankyuu…” The girl said.

Takashi was engulfed by his shyness. His face turned red, and he can’t even turn his head towards the girl.

“Are you okay…?” The girl asked with a very big smile.

“Uh… Y-yes…” Takashi said as he was trying to grab some words from his mind. The girl was beautiful. Her long hair bathed by the color of blueberries. Her deep brown eyes were full of mystery. But when every time, Takashi looked at her, she seemed like a very normal girl.

“I’m Ayumi and you are…?” The girl asked.

“I’m Takashi… Yoroshuku onegaishimasu.” Takashi replied.

“Well, Takashi! I hope we can become classmates.” Ayumi said with a very pleasant and friendly face. Takashi just nodded.

“Students! I welcome you all to Kamihana High.” A voice said, coming from the direction of the stage. “I, the principal, Ueno Izasamoto, thank each and everyone of you for selecting this prestigious school. We, the members of the school’s faculty and staff, will do our best to make everyone capable of having the athletic and academic qualities to survive in this world!” The principal exclaimed.

The students clapped their hands to show their appreciation.

“Now, will all students please go to the courtyard for the sections and student listings.” A voice from a speaker said.

“Takashi, let’s both check out the student listings together!” Ayumi grabbed Takashi’s hand and they went out of the gymnasium and towards the courtyard.

Takashi and Ayumi checked out the student listings.

“Let’s see… Section 1-A.” Ayumi said, “Takashi right? Your last name is…?” She asked.

“Takezawa, Takezawa Takashi.” Takashi bluntly replied as he tries to look for his name.

“Aha! There I am… Section 1-A.” Ayumi told Takashi with her enthusiasm. “And look! Look! There’s your name, just right below mine!” She continued. “We are gonna be classmates starting today! Yaaay~!” Ayumi pounced around with happiness.

Meanwhile, Takashi stood there, utterly embarrassed that she met the girl who is making fun of herself in front of a huge crowd. The school bell rang, and the two youngsters dashed off to their room.

As soon as they opened the door to their classroom, Ayumi relentlessly talked to everyone whom she met. She was of course, trying to make friends with them. Takashi, on the other hand, sat on an unoccupied seat.

Classes started, and it was just a normal day. Teachers are teaching. Students are being students. When break time came…

“Oi! Taka-kun~! Come, let’s eat together!” Ayumi called out to Takashi. Takashi accepted the offer emotionlessly. Then, he walked towards where Ayumi was eating. He sat there, opened his obento and started to eat.

“Taka-kun~! Why are you being so cold?” Ayumi asked Takashi. “You barely spoke to me since we entered this room…” She continued with a discontented face as she eats her obento.

“Ah…? Sorry, sorry. I’m not good at being social with people I’ve just met.” Takashi replied with a shy face.

“What…?” Ayumi asked, confused. “We are friends right?” She said as she held on to Takashi’s hand.

Takashi suddenly blushed. His eyes widened and he was lost in thought as he slowly tries to take in what is just happening.

“Oi~! Taka-kun~~! Are you there?!” She let go of Takashi’s hand.

“Ah… Sumimasen…” Takashi softly replied.

What was that feeling…? It wasn’t normal… Her hand isn’t warm. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is as if, she is scared or nervous…” Takashi thought.

The school bell rang again… And again, it was a normal time. The same thing went on and went on for hours. Until school is already over. Ayumi, called out to Takashi, asking him if he wants to walk together. Takashi just agreed and they walked home together.

Their homes are on the same way from school, so it’s no wonder that they are together.

“Serenity-sama, the target is found in the district of Kamihana”. A feminine voice said.
“Wonderful… Get all preparations ready. We must get what we want at all costs.” A female whose eyes are deep and mysterious, whose hair is so short that it only reaches her shoulders but its color is radiantly glowing, the color of the sun.