So, I am an animal lover.. pretty much. But anyway.
Tell what pets you have, names and what kind they are. Like just use mine as examples. And tell what kind of animal you would like to have, and what you would name it. =] And for fun say how long you have had the pets, and if there is an interesting story about how you came to have them. And even if it's not a pet you don't have right now, tell an interesting story about a pet. =D Silly post I know. But it's stuff I like to read about. =D
I have one Australian Shepard/Catahoula mix, and his name is Bubba. He is 5 years old. He is actually my moms dog, but I take care of him. He is really fat and fluffy, and sooo loveable! The dog that is actually mine, is an Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix, and his name is Doof. The reasoning for his name, well, because he isn't that smart. But he is very cuddly and nice. Lol. He is 9 months old. And I have a Siamese cat, named Bob. We got him about 2 years ago. When we got him from this lady, she said that he was a she. And he was too young still to tell, and she ended up being a boy. Lol. But he is really fat and fluffy. And VERY cuddly and sweet. lol
The one cool story I have about a pet.. well not cool it's kinda gross. But he was a good dog, and saved me! =D Our family used to have an Australian Shepard/Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, named Digger. Well, when I was 2 I fell into a ses pool.. is that how you spell it? Well.. yes gross, I pretty much fell into an open sewer. And I couldn't get out, and my dog jumped in and I grabbed his collar and he pulled me out. =] lol
What about you?

Maaylynn; aka Chrissy