I'm going to cosplay as an original character that looks like this:

-Wears a neko-hat
-wears a scarf
-has whiskers
-has a tail
-black sweater
-short white/brown baggy pants.
-black gloves

Now I know that doesn't sound very "wow". In fact, I'll admit to myself it's not that wow. The tail and hat however are extremely cute, and adding the scarf to it just makes it tons better. So, I'm going to cosplay as neko-hiphop-like-boy.
I chose a neko-hat instead of neko-ears because I wanted to stick to the whole hip-hop idea, seeing I'll be dancing on the convention itself, so a hat was more fitting. I could've also gone with a bell, but I had no idea where to get one + a scarf seemed more fitting.

Now, yes, I'm not that pro with this, but I had to have the hat and tail custom made, because they didn't make them the way I wanted on E-bay + it was a lot cheaper and I have to watch my money, unfortunately. T_T

Anyhow, here's the problem. My cosplay is all set, but I just need a picture to actually prove I'm in cosplay. I know, stupid huh? I heard from friends that went to a convention here in Belgium, and they were rejected as cosplayers because the people there thought they were casual people, while they cosplayed 2 people from an actual series that wasn't that well-known. (Which was like 2 years ago, I can't remember the series anymore. o_o)

So just to be safe, I've been looking for a picture of someone that matches my description. I haven't found one yet, after looking for like 2 days now and my knowledge of anime isn't that variable. I just need a picture of the description I've put up there and I was hoping you guys could help me out a bit.

I'll post a picture of my cosplay asap, seeing I need someone to take a clean picture of it.

Thanks in advance!