Our organization (GZR) is currently trying to gather together all the California Gamers / Cosplayers / Anime fans in general. I believe it's better if we all get to know eachother, hang out (video game practices, go out to eat together, or just chill... pretty much anything), and even plan to go to future gaming and anime conventions together. We also want to get to know all of you so we know what events to throw for everyone... meaning small cons to big cons throughout the year, contest with prizes (currently working on one for our YouTube channel), suggestions for what you would like to see at ours (Kin-Yoobi Con) and other organizations conventions (Such as what panels would you like? What games should be at the cons? Tournaments and Competitions? And whatever else you would like to see at the cons). Please reply to the following four questions before anything else if you live in the State of California :

+ The City you live in?
+ The cons (or tournaments) you've gone to or are planning on going to?
+ The pros & cons you've seen or heard of from most conventions (or tournaments)?
+ What you're interested in, what you like to do or would like to do?

I'm hoping this thread will help bring together Gamers / Cosplayers / Anyone who likes video games or anime that live near one another, and the feedback will help me and others get an idea of what you're looking for.

Thanks and hopefully we'll see each other around