Just tell how you started coming to AnimeForum. If you were searching for random sites,or if a friend told you about it. Say what your first username was when you came. And who was the first person you became friends with.

Well, I found out about AnimeForum through Suko-chan. I was on fanfiction.net because I wrote a fanfic about Kingdom Hearts and Suko commented on it. We started talking a lot, and we added each other on MSN and Myspace. One night we were talking on MSN and she told me that she was on this site called AnimeForum in the chat. She told me that I should come and check it out. So I made an account, and my username was 'Kissyx'. That was when I was totally obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. And I first made friends with Bri, her username was Ophie at the time. But that was because she was friends with Suko. So other than her, I made friends with FoxMcCloud, PhoenixWrightAceAttorney, ApaWolf, and Sanctuary Alchemist. I think I have been here for around 3 or 4 years now. =D

Maaylynn; aka Chrissy