So high everybody im new, as you cant very well tell. I'll be around now and then..... haha. .......anime is the best. Im part of several forums already, but each one has a different take on things if you will..... so, konnichiha. xD

So i was reading the breaker..... and I got hit with some deja vu bad.... "have i read/seen another show/manga were there was a girl all wrapped up in white pulled out of a trunk or something?" well I know I have.... but i am stumped as to which one it is. I will try to describe as best I can what I remember about the media in question..... 0_-.

All I can remember is there is a main character that rescues a girl (girl is maybe 10) who is all bandaged up from head to toe. And she cant talk. The bandages may have sutras or something on them to keep her "power/abilties sealed". She winds up staying with said main character. Someone was after her like a clan or a gang, but i cant remember the details.

The girl in question looks about 10. The guy is older dont remember how old.

The sutra/markings on the bandages (which she is completely wrapped up in, so she cant even move at all) The "markings" on here bandages cant be completely removed, because they seal up her powers, something bad would happen if they did untie her. I dont remember what the "bad" something is though. Theres like a clan, ppl, gang after the girl because she has some wierd ability.

This is a martial art or magic show.

I dont remember anything eechi, so its probly just a straight forward shonen, martial arts, action genre with eechi elements scattered in.

She was in a car, car trunk, box or something. The kid found her in a car, box etc, i think, after an accident. Im not too sure about this part. I could be thinking of another show, so just disregard it.

I had a few shows come to mind, but myanimelist is nearly 1000 entries..... no way I could possibly remember which show/manga it came from or if I ever finished it. Ah. my animelist if you want to use it for reference

And... I checked my "completed" section of my anime/mangalist and i dont think it is any of those. it could be in the plan to watch/read, but Im still looking.

All i remember is, this anime/manga was pimpin, but i cant remember what it is called. When I get a few days, i'll probly just preview almost every title in mangafox like last time...... -_-

So...... any help would be great..... im sure somebody knows LOL

We can make this a game........ props to the winner for being a hardcore fan. (>**)>

0_o i forgot. I have a DVD i can give away... or something else. I will discuss it with the "winner". lol. I got some items i could send for the help. Not anything real expensive. like 10-30 bux worth....

Thx guys/gals