The Ending

I brush my teeth, brush back and pull back my hair into a ponytail, put on my nightgown, and slightly open my window so that it wouldn’t get too hot that night. The snow was coming down in clumps, but the white color made the whole town feel brighter than its normal shivering chill it made you feel. I lay down, pulling my blankets up over me, and close my eyes.

Several minutes passed, nothing seemed to make me drift into a slumber. I stand up and walk into the kitchen, reach out to open the door and my hand goes through it. I was asleep. I reach again and I go through it once again. Not once had I went through stuff while I had been asleep. I focus real hard and reach for the handle once more, and finally open it. Everything was in there, just like in real life. “Well, I’ll be a dreamers catcher.” I smirk and close the door.

I head towards the front door and end up walking through it. Several people were outside, some looked like they were from the old country, few in black robes, and then there were some people in regular cloths. But when I looked closer, they all seemed to have frowns on their faces, and I couldn’t tell what the people in black robes looked like, they had a creepy feeling to them.

The night air seemed to nip at my toes and my nose but the weather didn’t fully touch me, like if I was remembering it from before, letting my body remember something that had happened. The snow went through me just like my hand had went through the fridge. I lifted my foot and no print was left in its place, no sign of me standing there at all.

I walk to my neighbors house and they are all watching a late night movie. Something that I knew they did almost every night. The movie had a monkey was dressed up as a boy and he seemed to be in a hotel of some sort. I look at the little girl sitting in her mothers lap and she is giggling at the movie. The father walks in with popcorn and sits down with them, he is smiling and enjoying it with them. The dog was at their feet, snoring like they weren’t even making a noise.

I walk back to the street, everyone drifting along as if there was nothing going on. “This is one weird dream.” I thought to myself. More men in black robes seemed to be wondering through the street, checking each person, not allowing anyone to go near the houses for some odd reason.

A little girl looked up at me, her eyes dry from a recent cry, it looked like.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her.

“Run, they may get you next.” She whispered. “They do cruel things, go back to your body, save yourself.” She looked back down and crossed her hands over her lap as she sat down. “The reapers collect souls who wonder from their bodies.”

I look around and see that each one of the people in the street had some collar around their necks, as I look down at the girl, hers was pressed into her skin, looked like it hurt a lot. “Run, before they find you, before they realize you aren’t tagged like us.” Her eyes looked up and I heard a chirp from one of the men. “Get away from here.” She said louder. “Now.”

I step back and head towards my place, the cold disappearing from me.

My dream was weirder than normal, I was use to going to a special forest with trees that told me about my inner wants. But never had I had a dream like this. I walk back through the door and walk to my room to find someone sleeping in my bed. “Who are you?” I ask, but no movement came from the stranger in my bed. Light blond hair pulled into a ponytail, covers over her slender body. She looked almost weak in a way. “Come on, who are you, and how did you get here?” Still no response from her.

I walked over to remove the covers and get her up but was over come by shock when I ended up looking down into my own face. “Oh, my God.” I step back, covering my face with my hands. A hard rough texture wrapped around my upper-arm, I look down to see a skeletal hand. Panic over came me. “Get away!” I push away. I turn to see one of the black robed people standing there, its’ left hand retreated back behind the black robe, exactly where it belonged.

“You must surrender, you are ours now.” Its’ voice sounded chopped, raspy, almost as if it was forcing words out that it hadn’t said in a long while. He stepped forward, both hands outreached, the right hand looked as if it was charred up a big. “Come, now.” He ordered. More chirps were heard and it came from him.

I run over to my body but three sets of arms wrapped around me and started dragging me back. “Let me go!” I fought to reach my body, if I could touch myself, maybe I could return to it.

One of the sets of hands released me and something began wrapping around my neck. I pulled it off easily an saw it was one of the collars.

They were going to tag me and then keep me forever as one of the other people who were outside. This wasn’t a dream, they were souls, real souls that were captured. The men in black robes were reapers, just as the girl said, who were rounding us all up, and the reason behind it was unknown.

Pushing, clawing, hitting, doing everything I could to try to get to my body, and then, everything stopped, and I felt the hands of the reapers no more. I stood up and walk over to my body, looking over my shoulder to see them discussing something. I touch my body and feel my skin cold as ice, and I look at my lips, they were blue. I knew why they released me now, not because they wanted to but because I disappeared from them and disappeared from reality all together.

I was dead.