How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us. :3

Seriously, though, I'm Ryusui. If you've ever played the Breath of Fire 2 retranslation, yes, I'm that Ryusui. And I'm looking for some help accomplishing an old dream of mine.

I've been sitting on the VHS rip I made of the Palm Town "movie" for several years now; recently I uploaded it to YouTube, where it's been much appreciated by nostalgia freaks such as myself, but my ultimate goal for some time has been to finally get the darn thing subbed. While I (obviously) have the Japanese reading skills necessary for translating a game, my listening skills are another story. I had to get help figuring out what it is Alice says to make George and Jane freak out (and what Rolley says later to get the same reaction out of Patty); a full translation given nothing but the spoken dialogue would probably be impossible for me even now.

I'm not asking for people to translate the script for me. I'm asking for help transcribing the script. Translating it and applying the subs will be my part of the job.

I know it might surprise some to learn that the guy who retranslated Breath of Fire 2 is interested in Maple Town's long-lost sequel...but then again, if you're familiar with my other work, it probably makes perfect sense. ^_^;

Anyway, here's the links if anyone's interested in helping.

At the very least, enjoy.