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Thread: Animeleague Club London - Sat 14th November! All Day - 5

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    Running at between 200 and 400 people, ALCL is London's little anime convention. It's just 5 for all day from midday to midnight. We have dealers, video gaming, anime screening, an Artist Alley, DDRing, roleplaying, card-gaming, along with many events such as a masquerade, pub-quiz, parties, special guests (Roppongi Street and MasakoX of DBZ/Naruto Abridged are announced with more to come!) and much more!

    Date: November 14th
    Venue: The Slug and Lettuce, 1 America Square, London, EC3N 2LS
    Tube: Five minutes from Tower Gateway & Tower Hill tube stations

    It costs 5 to get in, and you need to be 18 years or older. Accommodation is available at just 17.50 a night.

    You can read all about ALCL on it's official website at . A load of new announcements will be added once Alcon is done in September.

    We're accepting to all anime fans, from ALers to non-ALers, to casual fans to otaku!

    Check out ALCL at
    Signup for accommodation and chat about ALCL here:
    Check out the Animeleague forums at
    ALCL is also on facebook at

    ALCL will take place every 3-4 months (three times a year). The intention is to enable London to have a proper anime club again, following the sad demise of LAC last year.


    Video Gaming - We will be running tournaments throughout the day! We will also have a variety of up to date games, as well as retro-gaming, DDRing, Guitar Hero and much more!
    Artists Alley - We will have a mini-artists alley for artists to chill out with a drink or three.
    Anime Screenings - We will be showing anime screenings throughout the day. Titles showing shall be confirmed! Dealers - We shall be announcing what dealers will be attending over the next few months. There will be a range of anime-related products to check out and buy.
    Roleplaying/Card Gaming - Want to do some card gaming or roleplaying? We'll be doing this as well! Bring along your cards and play away!


    Pub Quiz
    Cosplay Masquerade
    DDR Tournament
    Dub That Anime
    Drunken Artist
    Guitar Hero Tournament
    Mario Kart Tournament
    AMV Evening (And Contest)
    The Club London Party!


    MasakoX - Creator of the hilarious Naruto Abridged and a major part of DBZ Abridged! Abridged series take an anime, edit it, and redub it to produce something very funny. If you're interested in becoming a voice-artist, then check this out!

    Roppongi Street - Europe's #1 ParaPara club night specialists. ParaPara is a Japanese club dance. Each song has a separate routine to it, these routines are usually learnt from videos that you can buy and also in clubs in Japan from watching other people who know the routines already.

    UK Otaku - Following the success of the live show at ALcon 2009 UKotaku will be back at ALCL presenting more multi-media mayhem. UKotaku will bring you music, video and of course oodles of anime with the usual lashings of general geekery listeners of our podcast have come to expect.


    If London is to have a successful anime club, then we need people willing to help promote, network this event! If you're interested in becoming a member of ALCL staff, then check out this topic and signup!

    Big news for cosplayers! Not only is ALCL doing a Cosplay Masquerade, but we shall also be offering a grand prize of 50 to the winner! A panel of judges will decide - judging criteria will be announced shortly. Please note that to be eligible for the grand prize your costume must have been made by you - if you bought it then you won't be eligible for the prize (but you'll still be allowed to enter the masquerade, of course!) So, get making those costumes, cosplayers!

    However, that's not all! Get ready for.. The Cosplay Showdown! Prepare to gather your team of cosplayers to do a series of skits for everyone to watch round by round. The audience aid the judges to decide which teams progress by cheering for who they prefer! Do you have what it takes for the Showdown? Details of each round to be announced shortly! Start getting those teams together now folks - signups will be opening very shortly! The winning team will be rewarded a prize of 50 between them! Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate cosplay showdown?

    Go check all this out and more at!
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