The University of the Philippines Sentai Ongaku Manga Anime Organization (UP SOMA Soshiki), a duly recognized socio-cultural organization based at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), is an organization that aims to promote sentai (Japanese live actions), ongaku, (Japanese music), manga (Japanese comics), and anime (Japanese cartoons) in Los Baños, while pursuing camaraderie among fellow enthusiasts.

In celebration of its fifth year anniversary on January 25, 2010, our organization will hold a one-day Japanese pop culture convention on January 30, 2010 entitled InSOMAnia Level 3: The Southern Combo. The said event aims to promote sentai, ongaku, manga, and anime as alternative hobbies and sources of entertainment free from harmful vices, and to provide a venue for interaction amongst enthusiasts.

The official website is still under construction. For questions, you may contact us at and [email protected].

A little background on previous conventions the organization held..]

InSOMAnia: The Southern Breakthrough

Last September 15, 2007, the organization has pioneered the first ever Japanese pop culture Convention in the Southern Tagalog region entitled InSOMAnia: The Southern Breakthrough. As the title suggests, we aimed to achieve our mission-vision to promote Japanese popular culture in Southern Tagalog through a social gathering of fellow enthusiasts.

The event was held at the Seniors' Social Garden inside the University of the Philippines and it was attended by about 150 enthusiasts. We made use of a matsuri or a Japanese festival touch for the theme. Activities in the said events were the individual and group cosplay, karaoke contest, trivia contests, Japanese music concert by bands from Juujiro, booths like fish-catching, shuriken-throwing, ramen-eating, and gaming tournaments. There were also sponsor booths like Mango Manga and Japan Foundation

InSOMAnia Round 2: The South Strikes Back

With the success of InSOMAnia: The Southern Breakthrough, a second Japanese pop culture event, so entitled InSOMAnia Round 2: The South Strikes Back, was an obvious addition to the succeeding school years upcoming list of events. Carrying the same Mission-Vision as the first convention, a tournament theme was incorporated into the second.

The event was held at the Seniors' Social Garden inside the University of the Philippines, like its predecessor, this time gathering more than 250 attendees. InSOMAnia Round 2 scored previous sponsors like Mango Manga, Juujiro, and Japan Foundation and also found new sponsors in Wacom, Philajames, L’arc en ciel Fans Club Philippines, Dorotee Sweetlips, and The Booboo Shop.

Several bands performed during the event: Do'ahou, Rtschrck, Molded Sushi, Haponesang Dilat, Hanajidan, Singko Aftermath, Ikuso Iwa, Strut Little, and Harakirijiro.