I just watched Silent Hill last night. (the movie. I haven't quite got to the game yet...although the plots are almost similar.) YES, it was scary and it spooked me. But the ending was also extremely sad and therefore inspired me to write this...not sure if it CAN actually be counted as a fanfic but....*sweatdrops* I recounted the last scene from Rose's view. Enjoy!
Typed this to "Theme of Laura". A lovely piece of music.

Disclaimer: I do not own Silent Hill. If I did, unbelievably crack things would happen.

Rose and Sharon drove out of Silent Hill, the ghost town left behind them. They passed the gas station they had stopped at just before entering the town, what seemed like an eternity ago; in what had only been a few days. The station was devoid of any human activity; so was the entire stretch of road, for that matter. The fog never let up. Rose's breath quickened as they drove past; she had no wish to look into its empty, gaping windows which reminded her horribly of eye sockets; the terror they had left behind. Alessa. She shuddered; her surroundings felt real, yet they did not. Rose needed reassurance, somehow.

Her free hand fumbled for the silver mobile phone that hung from her neck; her only beacon of hope all this time, apart from Sharon, who now slept soundly in the backseat. It had been the only means of communication to the real world, and it still was. She dialled that familiar number.

"It's me, Rose. We're coming home."


In another world, the phone rang.

Chris, putting on his shirt, picked up the phone just in time to hear the answering machine kick in. His wife and daughter's voices, all too bright now. The same buzz of static and warbled voices, woven through with what sounded like a horrid screeching that made him want to hold the phone as far away from his ear as possible. Exactly like the call he had received a few days ago. Through the static, he only picked out the few words...

"...Rose...coming home."


The Jeep pulled up in the driveway, gravel crunching under its tyres. The heavy fogwas still there, surrounding them; shrouding the entire structure that was their house. Rose shuddered, but caught herself. She must be strong, for her daughter. In a child's eyes, mother is God. She repeated his line to herself, these words that were almost Cybil's parting lines to her. And the God must not fail its believers. Unbuckling her seatbelt, she opened the back door of the vehicle. "Wake up, honey. We're home."

They walked, hand in hand, mother and daughter. Solemnly, somehow, up the driveway, past the shrubbery that never would appear green again. Everything was dyed ash gray; in the mourning colors of silent hill. They reached that familiar walnut door, and Rose pushed it open; slowly, softly. Even the interior of the house had not escaped the reaches of the mist. Rose suddenly felt calm, steady, this feeling flooding her veins, almost an aenesthasia. As she walked, slowly, past the different items of furniture that she and Chris had accumulated over their married life; a lifetime ago. Time seemed to flow differently here- like molten glass.

As Rose approached the platform that was their living area, Sharon glided- almost danced down the hallway that led to her room, silently, as if exploring the house for the first time.

Rose knew that they would never escape Silent Hill now; as certain as she knew blood flowed through her veins. Strangely, no sense of hysteria welled up in her; only a calm, peaceful knowing; the knowledge that they had an eternity here. Ascending the stairs, she settled herelf in one of the two white leather armchairs that faced a matching white couch. Despite all the fog, she could see that the floor was still pristine; so were the full length window panes behind the couch. Mist swirled in the background, the surrounding greenery blurred by it.

This scenery...Forever.

She tilted her head, imagining Chris lying there, like he usually did while taking his afternoon nap. And how she had always watched him, so many times. A faint smile touched her face.

An Eternity.


A million worlds away, Chris jerked awake, neck stiff from sleeping in that position. He really should change that habit...it was raining, crystal droplets drenching the lush shrubbery. He squinted. The door was wide open; although he didn't remember opening it. Sunlight poured in, warming the floorboards as he trod on them now, to get to the door. He took hold of the handle, and looked out on the empty driveway. A sense of deja vu swept over him...like he was missing something, like that time, at Silent Hill Elementary School...the door closing, swinging shut.

Shaking his head, he whispered a silent prayer for his missing wife and daughter.

And shut the door.