Hi all...so I've been working on a webseries with some friends, and thought I'd share the progress with you .

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Selene (AKA: "Silver") Heart is a young girl stuck in an a-social rut. When a mysterious user on a gaming forum sends her a 16-bit project to testplay, she becomes trapped in the world of Terra- an RPG world where everything is as it seems, and everything seems to be screwing with your mind. With Troy Storm -the courageous but not too bright hero- Ash Shadowhall -the brooding mercenary with a secret past- Tyrone -the confused black mage- and Leeroy The Thief -professional scoundrel- Selene embarks on a journey to "fulfill her destiny" and return home.

Getting Ready

Cast and Crew in the Parking Lot
On Set

The main party

In the inn (From left to right: The NPC, Troy, Alec (the director), and Ash...I told them to pose manly and that's what they gave me :-\ )

Shooting a quick shot (From left to right: Selene, Troy, Tyrone)

The cinematographer and director taking a break

Fight choreography rehearsal

Danny resting

Running through a scene before we shoot


Still from a video on my digital camera (not film footage)

Learning how to fight

Troy Storm, Hero of Light